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♪ (French accordion music) ♪
- (FBE) Today you'll be eating this. - Oh.
It's some sort of steak.
- It looks good. Just throw it on the grill right now.
Give it back to me when it's done. I'm here for it.
- It looks like if you cook it, it will be good.
I just don't want it to be like,
"Yeah, you're eating human flesh today."
- (FBE) So in collaboration with Focus World
and their new horror movie, Raw,
which is being described by some reviewers
as a stunning cannibalism coming-of-age story,
we're gonna have you try different forms of raw meat
and tell us what you think of it. - Raw meat?
I don't think I've ever had raw meat before.
- Bro. Hit me with the plot twist.
- I feel like the texture of this is gonna be really disgusting.
- I have to overcook my meat,
'cause I don't like any red in my meat.
So it's gonna be a little tough for me, but challenge accepted.
- (FBE) Here's your first raw meat. - Ugh.
Oh, it smells good actually.
Ew, never mind. Ew.
- It's pretty good. I just don't like the...
oh, the aftertaste of raw meat. I'm not with it. Yuch.
- Oh, yeah.
The texture.
I think that's why I hate raw meat or anything that, like--
like when juices are running out of it, I can't do it.
- Bottoms up.
For something raw, it doesn't taste raw.
Just kidding. I taste the rawness now.
- I like it. Nice and juicy.
- I can definitely feel the raw meat in my mouth,
and I'm not liking it.
- Is it like a steak tartare?
- (FBE) So that was steak tartare
seasoned with onion and capers.
It's made with finely chopped raw cow meat.
- Ooh. Okay. That's not bad.
- I'd rather have a hamburger.
- Seasoned very well. Flavored very well.
10 out of 10, would definitely eat again.
- (FBE) Here's the next one. - Ooh!
This looks like a piece of watermelon.
It's not watermelon. Sad face.
- Is it sushi?
Looks like... a type of tuna maybe.
- Oh my gosh.
The taste is awful. It tastes like salt and ocean and-- yuch.
- Mm-mm.
That literally tastes like you licked a belt.
That was so gross.
- It's just mushy.
The aftertaste is really, like,
- It actually tastes a little bit meaty.
I'm a huge sushi fan.
This is right up my alley.
- That was a piece of poke, a Hawaiian dish made with raw tuna.
- It's really good. I've had poke before, so I'm used to this.
This one's great.
- For some reason, I like this better than
if I were to have a tuna steak.
- I've seen this everywhere now. This is like a trend now.
And people eat bowls of it. Ew, it's so weird.
- (FBE) So here's your next raw meat.
- I don't know what this is.
Ew. It smells really weird.
- Oh, it smells like cat food.
- That's such a weird consistency.
It's almost like quinoa in a meat.
- (hums disapprovingly)
This one makes me sad.
It's like awkwardly salty. And the texture just--
It's, like, touching microbeads with your hands,
but it's in your mouth.
- It tastes like diced pepperoni.
- It tastes like maybe garlicky onion, chives,
something like that. Like, it's seasoned well.
- It's kind of gooey and gelatinous.
The flavor's good though.
- (FBE) That was kibbeh nayyeh, a Lebanese dish
made out of dried wheat, spices, and raw lamb meat.
- Ooh. Lebanese? Oh, cool.
I can say that I've eaten Lebanese food before.
- It's actually really good.
If somebody brought that over, I'd probably eat it.
- (FBE) Last one. You can eat this with your fingers.
- Whoa! That does not look appetizing.
I feel like I'm just picking up worms. Yuch.
- It looks like someone ate it and was like,
"Oh, this is disgusting" and threw it back on my plate,
and now you're making me eat it.
- It looks slimy.
Ew... oh, it's cold.
- Kinda tastes like In-N-Out
but, like, raw. Ew.
- Is this fish? No, this can't be fish. Can it be fish?
Oh, that was very chewy.
The texture is just not for me.
- It's so chewy. (chuckling) Oh my gosh.
- This one is
like a plate of slime you just throw in your mouth.
Ugh, it's just not good.
- It tastes really similar to the steak tartare to me.
It almost feels to me like
an organ of some sort.
- (FBE) So that was human meat. - Are you serious?
No, she's joking.
- (FBE) Nope. - Not joking?
[Bleep] that, yeah. Sorry to the homey, bro.
- (FBE) So that was actually human meat. - You're kidding, right?
- Are you-- (whimpering)
- Oh my gosh. I'm a cannibal.
- No. That's illegal as [bleep].
- (FBE) No American restaurants serve human meat.
But thanks to this being a special episode,
we worked with the sponsor to get it donated from a service
here in L.A. as part of a social experiment.
- No effin' way. I just ate a person.
- I feel so grossed out right now!
I think I'm-- I'm gonna go vegetarian after this.
- Well, thank you for letting me try human meat.
- You're joking, right? Please tell me you're joking.
- (FBE) So obviously we're just kidding.
It's illegal to eat human meat. - Why would you do that to me?
I was really feeling guilty about this.
- I was about to cry!
- Okay, that's what I thought. Whew! Oh my gosh.
- I was like, "Oh no, how am I gonna explain to my mom
that I ate a human?"
- (FBE) This was a combination of various raw meats
to match cannibals' descriptions of the taste of people.
- Ew! What the eff? (shaky groan)
- If that's what humans taste like, they don't taste very good.
- Why would you even want to think of what people tasted like?
Just leave people be. Don't eat them.
- (FBE) So now that you have the taste
of human flesh in your mouth, we're gonna show you the trailer
for the horror film Raw,
a story of a vegetarian who,
after eating raw meat in a school hazing,
discovers her need for raw meat of all kinds.
- I don't know if I'm ready. Yikes.
- Damn! That sounds intense. I'm pumped.
(car approaching) - I'm kind of excited.
(tires skidding)
- Oh! (crash)
- Oh my gosh.
(continuous honk)
- Whoa. What the [bleep]?
♪ (high piano notes) ♪
♪ (low, ominous music) ♪
- This is weird.
- I'm terrified for some reason.
- What the heck? Oh my goodness.
- What the heck?
- I'm getting, like, Carrie vibes from this.
Like, "Oh my gosh, you guys shouldn't have messed with her.
Now she's gonna kill everyone."
- This is intense.
- Ew, what?
That's messed up.
♪ (music gradually intensifying) ♪
- Oh my gosh.
- She got mad, mad eczema.
- This is making me itchy just looking at it.
♪ (music goes quiet) ♪
- She gonna eat him.
♪ (percussion riffs) ♪ - Ew.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I already know what's gonna happen.
- What's going on?
- Dude, this looks crazy.
That's exactly how I feel after eating a piece of human.
- Ew. (whimpers)
- Oh, that's nasty.
♪ (music climaxes, stops) ♪
- (groans)
- What the [bleep] was that?
- That was definitely super intense.
- That looks so freaking good!
- The meat I probably won't eat again.
But the movie I'll definitely go see.
- Thanks for watching us eat raw meat on the React channel.
- Don't forget to subscribe.
We have tons of new shows every single week.
- Later, guys! I'm be seasoning you all soon.
Seeing. Seeing you all soon.
♪ (French accordion music) ♪
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EATING RAW MEAT (Lamb, Cow, HUMAN?!) (College Kids vs Food)

463 Folder Collection
Yue Xin published on March 9, 2017
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