Connect. Have fun!

By communicating with one another,
we can make new friends and share our stories.
Explore the world together, confidently.

We have built the largest online English-learning platform in Asia for you to learn, share, and converse in the world’s language: English.

VoiceTube empowers users to understand each other and connect with new people through innovative technology, fun content, and diverse learning approaches.

VoiceTube will inspire you with unique, high-quality video content based on real-life situations, to help you reach your personal learning goals in a fun and entertaining way. And while you enjoy learning English with millions of other users, we’ll remain by your side, to teach, guide, and coach you.

Now that's empowering.

A Diverse and Profoud Symbol

The triangular design of our logo not only embodies the spirit of "Just Press Play," but also the "V" in VoiceTube. A check mark is also incorporated in our design, to remind us of what we can achieve through learning. These three elements are combined in our distinctive new logo, which symbolizes VoiceTube's diverse new era and echoes the spirit of all VoiceTubers around the world.

The 60° Angles in Our Design

The triangle in our logo has three perfect 60 degree angles. We hope to create a correlation between the design of the logo and the font used in the text. We extended the lines of each corner of the logo in order to strengthen the strokes of each letter in VoiceTube. This demonstrates the strong connection between VoiceTube and the "play button," from every angle.

The 60° Corners in Our Design

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