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Word up Food Tubers, okay. Jamie Oliver here, very excited. We're going to cook a beautiful slow cooked beef stew and we're going to use the cut which is oxtail.
And then I'm gonna show you three ways to take it. A fantastic oxtail stew with mash and greens.
Beautiful oxtail pappardelle, with lovely ragu of bashed up stew incredible!
You can do an incredible bit of oxtail soup. You're going to love this one.
First up I need two and half kilos of oxtail, you can get this from any butchers,
melt in your mouth, sweet and gorgeous and for those of you who don't know.
Oxtail stew is made from the ox's tail. And of course any meat on the bone is going to give you maximum flavour.
So it's going to give you the heartiest most delicious stew out there.
I want to very generously season it with black pepper and sea salt. Just a little bit of oil.
I've got the oven on full whack and I've preheated a tray.
Straight in there. So we're going to roast that until golden brown.
Around about twenty minutes should do it.
So with any kind of stew, we've got lovely fragrant vegetables. Carrots, celery and two
humdingers of leeks. We need a nice casserole style of a pan. Couple
of tablespoons of olive oil. Let's put in carrots, celery, we go in with
the leeks. Just three or four little cloves. They honestly will will make a difference.
A good pinch of salt and pepper. This is our woody herbs selection here. Rosemary, thyme
and bay. And they'll give a savouryness and flavour that is just undeniable.
Let's cook this for another ten minutes. Let that oxtail roast for another ten minutes.
Fast forward it and I'll come back and tell you what to do next.
Okay lovely people. Have a little look in here, that's not actually burnt, that's caramelisation
and if you try a little bit, big flavour, big sweetness.
I want some thickening agent. Two big heaped tablespoons of flour. It will pick up all
the residual oil that was put in there. And then were going to use some porter. The
malt in there is caramelised. It's big, squadgy, wadgy loving flavours right and we want that.
About 280mls goes in there. The first job of the porter is to sort of
take all the sticky caramelised goodness off the bottom. We're going to go in with two
tins of tomatoes. Just bash those up. They'll fall apart in the long cooking.
Get the oxtail out and I'll go straight in the pan with all of that oxtail. And you're
going to fill the pan up, look at that. Add the water just to cover. It's going to
bring out all the flavour from out the bone. Put a little lid on top then I'm going to
cook that now for 5 to 6 hours. At 150 degrees Celsius. Just let time do the magic.
Okay guys, this has had 6 hours cooking. Slow cooking. Look at that!
Absolute gooey, tender, eat heaven. Look at the depth of colour and flavour we've got
here. Absolutely fantastic. What you can do is serve it up on the bone.
Or what I do is usually let it cool down a little bit, usually put on some rubber gloves.
Take a piece of the oxtail and just pinch it. And you can see how lovely and tender
that is. It's so close to the bone, the flavour is
ridiculous. And you just clean that bone and it comes away.
I've just taken a couple of minutes just to strip the meat off the bone.
Notice, that there's a big old rim around here and that is flavour, that will be more
delicious, more natural and more brilliant than any stock cube on the planet.
And then what I'm going to do is have a little taste. Right, so now I'm going to season it
with a little salt. I'm going to use a little bit of Worcestershire sauce. About one tablespoon is probably sufficient. You can use that
beautiful oxtail in so many different ways. First up, I'm going to put some pappardelle
in. This is fresh. You can use dried. Take a little spoon of this sauce, right? Four
spoons of that. There's more than enough. Then I'm just going to take a little Parmesan,
it's going to act like a little link between the pasta and the pasta water. Now I'll add
that to my lovely oxtail and it will make it stick around the pasta. And now the pasta's
ready. Drag it over. And then all we want to do is just move it
around. Oxtail parpadelle. Such a celebration of that
wonderful cut. Finish it with a little of that Parmesan. Gorgeous!
If I take a spoon of mash potato, and then a spoon of the oxtail with some quickly boiled
kales. That's a really nice dinner there. If I wanted to make a beautiful little soup.
Take some of that lovely oxtail stew and we'll take some of the water and then just take
it to the consistency you want. A little crostini off the side of a bowl.
And that is beautiful. So guys, soup, stew and mash and beautiful
parpadelle all made from the gorgeous oxtail. Lots of love guys, thanks ever so much . And
enjoy the oxtail! Please comment on the box below and check
out some of the other chefs on Food Tube.
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Jamie's Easy Slow-cooked Beef Stew

3502 Folder Collection
Chihyu Lin published on November 24, 2014
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