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  • >> JEFF KROLL: Hi, my name is Jeff Kroll and I'm responsible for supply

  • chain and quality systems for McDonald's Restaurants in Canada.

  • So, we are here today filming a video about our beef.

  • We get asked questions all the time about our beef and one of those is from

  • Amy K., and she asked the question, "Is McDonald's beef rinsed in ammonia

  • or any other type of chemicals to ensure that it doesn't contain e.coli bacteria?"

  • Amy, it's a great question, and i can ensure you that we don't use ammonia in our beef.

  • In fact, it's not allowed to be used in food processing- it's

  • illegal in Canada and there's no other chemicals that are used.

  • Our beef arrives here in a sealed truck and it's inspected and it's used generally

  • within about a day and a half. All the beef comes from farms across Canada and

  • every beef patty that goes into a McDonald's Restaurant is produced right here in Sprucegrove, Alberta.

  • Our next question is from Micah G. from Calgary Alberta

  • and Micah's question is "Is it true that 100% real beef

  • means the whole nasty cow ground up in a big grinder guts and all?" And

  • Micah, the answer is absolutely not. The beef comes in two types- in lean and fat.

  • We mix them together, grind them, to make medium ground beef just like you would get at a grocery store.

  • There is absolutely no additives or fillers and no chemicals.

  • Our next question is from Catherine W. from Waterloo, Ontario.

  • And her question is "If you don't use any fillers,binders

  • or additives in your patties, how do they stick together instead of just crumbling apart?"

  • The key is for the patties to come out of the farming machine right at the freezing mark.

  • It then takes us about 24 minutes to completely freeze the patties

  • and that's how we keep them together.

  • We actually make about 3 million patties a day and over 70 million pounds a year.

  • Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed your visit and

  • I hope we answered all your questions about how we make our beef.

>> JEFF KROLL: Hi, my name is Jeff Kroll and I'm responsible for supply

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