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  • Hey everybody. Welcome to Hilah Cooking! Today I'm going to share with you a recipe for bean

  • burgers which are kind of like the veggie burgers that you get in the frozen food section

  • but healthier because you know exactly what's going in them and it's not animal poop. I

  • shouldn't have said that. This is a food show.

  • Anyway, Goldie might be pitter-pattering around the house today because she is unleashed wild

  • and so if you hear a little like pitter-patter, pitter-patter, that's Goldie, not my baby.

  • OK, cool. So it looks like a lot of ingredients and it kind of is but it all gets mashed together

  • really quick and greasy. So I've got some beans and I actually did cook these from fresh

  • because I'm trying to stay away from the canned stuff to protect my ovaries and stuff, just

  • in case I ever do want to have a baby.

  • Anyway, TMI. OK, I'm going to go ahead and start mashing these beans up and I also got

  • some oatmeal and some wheat germ, some healthy stuff, some vegetables and this is like this

  • recipe is super versatile. You could really substitute any kind of bean and you could

  • use any kind of vegetables or whatever, as long as the proportions are right.

  • So, OK, I'm going to go ahead and like mash these up in my bowl here. OK. So you could

  • totally do this with a food processor but you all know I try not to use tools like that

  • just because maybe not everybody has it.

  • So I'm going to show you how to do it just with a short, flat spin such as this one.

  • So just you don't need to get them like pulverized but get about half of the beans pretty well

  • mashed because that's going to be what's holding everything together. It's going to be like

  • our bean glue and then sometimes I go like this.

  • It's not really very effective but it's kind of fun. OK.

  • This is pretty well-mashed. So see, there's a few that are whole but there's a lot of

  • them that are mashed. So, sweet. Now I'm just going to mix all this other crap in.

  • Sunflower seeds. You could use any kind of nut you want as long as they're chopped up

  • pretty small. Some grated carrot. Again, you could use like grated sweet potato or some

  • zucchini, whatever. OK, some onion.

  • Kind of get that going and I'm going to add in a couple of tablespoons of liquid aminos but you could use soy sauce

  • or something else. A little bit of hot sauce, some cumin, some chili powder and I've added

  • a little bit of cayenne pepper to that too.

  • Then here I've got a cup of oatmeal. I'm going to start with putting a half cup in and mix

  • it up and kind of see what our consistency looks like. All right.

  • I'm going to add some flour and a little bit of water too. OK.

  • Cool. So if you wanted to use -- if you were trying to make them gluten-free, you could

  • use chickpea flour or some gluten-free bread crumbs.

  • OK, I think that's probably it. All right. So anyway, moving on. OK. So this looks good.

  • OK, it doesn't really look good, I will admit that, but it's going to look good once it's

  • made into patties and fried because what doesn't look good once it has been fried. So let's

  • do that part next.

  • OK. So I actually like let this sit for about 10 minutes just to let the oatmeal absorb

  • the liquid and it makes it a lot stickier and it makes this sound. So I want to make

  • patties and I've got some wheat germ that I'm going to bread them in or coat them in.

  • You could use breadcrumbs or whatever, cornmeal probably. So it's very sticky but just kind

  • of compact it as best you can and then do a little like that and a little like that.

  • It's like this and like this and like that, you all. OK. Then one more little like mashing

  • all together and set it over here while we make all of them.

  • Now I'm going to heat up my skillet and then cook them and then they will be all like crispy

  • and hot. Delicious!

  • I will put in a little bit of oil and if you wanted to bake these, you totally could do

  • that too. I will tell you how to do that later on the website.

  • I also recommend that you kind of like -- well after you made them into patties, just kind

  • of let them sit on a plate for a little while as long as you can because it's already like

  • kind of firming up even more. It just makes it easier to cook.

  • OK. Because these don't have any egg or anything, so there's no binding like that so much. So

  • they're pretty -- a little bit delicate. But also cholesterol-free! Yay!

  • OK. Rad!

  • OK. Maybe they're ready to flip. Let's see. Oh, that looks rad! All right. See? It looked

  • kind of weird before but now they look like golden brown and delicious. Yay!

  • All right. I'm going to redistribute my oil a little bit. Yay! OK, cool. Let us get toasty

  • up and then we will chow down.

  • Let's see how this side is doing. Ooh! Totally yumsers! Let's see how this side is doing.

  • Whoa! Double yumsers! You guys, OK, cool. I'm going to like turn these off I guess.

  • Cool. I'm going to turn that off before I start off the smoke alarm again and yay! Yay!

  • That's what I would sound like if I was a ghost and I was really excited. I'm not a

  • ghost.

  • OK, cool. I'm going to put hot sauce on it because I like that and I'm out of ketchup.

  • Whoops! Poor shopping. OK, cool. Wow, it's all crispy. So hot.

  • Hmm, it's totally yummy and full of different textures from the nuts and the onions and

  • yay! Awesome! You totally try that. It's really healthy and I hear people are doing this meatless

  • Mondays thing now which is really popular and this would be a great thing to try it

  • for, so there. OK. See you guys later.

  • Say bye, Goldie. She's not looking at you.

Hey everybody. Welcome to Hilah Cooking! Today I'm going to share with you a recipe for bean

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Veggie Burger Recipe - Vegetarian Black Bean Burger

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