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  • wait.

  • Folk dog Female joint skillet head on me.

  • What's the point of it?

  • These knickers?

  • I'm disappointed in K with me, Like on a man.

  • If she bring a friend, she joining them.

  • My gang official.

  • We born a wind.

  • I'm rolling.

  • We'd important Another plane.

  • Not bored again.

  • Not built by Bill.

  • Born again, the minute sky soaring there got a few guys bringing foreigners in Be kicking the door for him.

  • I was on the floor with them making the limit is forming it by wrapping them in absorbing show upon very import.

  • And they'd be like Isa Khalifa.

  • Of course it is.

  • You don't have to force the kid.

  • Mary.

  • Thing came with the force.

  • The bitch making the money.

  • It never made me again.

  • Never play me.

  • Was that classic next to Jay Z?

  • Jay Z smoking a joint when Nazis were speeds took off this Elaine's ones on my feet.

  • I'll get my gun.

  • I can't.

  • This is so damn really realizing that I'm the man ever really want to do what I can smoke in that gas I share with my family foot on the gas.

  • I stick to the plan.

  • You don't know me personal.

  • Please call me Cam.

  • And if you do this and we should begin your hand, e turned to the boss.

  • Got time to the middleman.

  • Japan.

  • You hear me talking about living?

  • It's all 100 that don't got a gimmick pulling my card.

  • And I don't got no limits.

  • Well, in that quiet up, I'm like a chemist waiting up all on my end up in Guinness.

  • I know.

  • They probably think I'm a magician with dollar the bitches.

  • I'm at the top.

  • I don't see competition, if you will me.

  • When I talk, you listen.

  • Once the money, do not get the distance.

  • Cancer millions.

  • I got them intentions and nobody came from the bottom.

  • My name is Simon, not don't even ask for permission.

  • And they line up Vanessa for pictures.

  • Hard to imagine that I'm living.


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Wiz Khalifa - Use Your Manners

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/09
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