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  • Chances are, if I ask you to think of a falling-block puzzle game, your mind is going to go immediately

  • to Tetris. Sure, there are plenty of other quality games like the Puyo Puyo series, Meteos,

  • Lumines, Columns, Dr. Mario, Blockout, Yoshi, Wetrix, Wordtris, Hatris, Ranma ½ Ougijaanken...

  • I could go on. But, like it or not, Tetris is the de facto standard for the genre. Pretty

  • much everything since Tetris has been defined... in terms of Tetris. Market dominance does

  • that to a game. Even so, many have sought to build on the Tetris name by adding more

  • and different modes and mechanics, some worthwhile, others downright laughable.

  • Unfortunately, where Tetris starts to break down is in its basic nomenclature. We here

  • in the west already had a Tetris 2, which was known as Tetris Flash in Japan, while

  • the portion of this offering called Bombliss is calledTetris Blastin English. Confused

  • yet? Let me try to bring it together for you: This game has two sides. One’s a fairly

  • bog-standard rehashing of the classic Tetris game, except this one’s got 16-bit graphics.

  • Hence theSuperin the name. The other is a... well, some would call it an abomination.

  • Physics don’t really work the same way. Clearing lines doesn’t actually clear the

  • line, in all cases, sometimes. Let me grab a beverage, so as to explain it fully.

  • So, Bombliss slash Tetris Blast comma, previously released only for the Game Boy, now has a

  • proper 16-bit version. The goal, unlike classic Tetris, is complete annihilation of the entire

  • playing field through the use of explosives. Those explosives come embedded in the tetrominoes

  • (or pentominoes or other more elaborate n-minoes) and act just like normal blocks... until the

  • line theyre on is cleared. That clearance is enough to detonate any bombs within, which

  • - in their singular form - eliminate any blocks on that row within three of the bomb itself.

  • So unless your bombs are well-spaced along the row, there’s a significant chance youre

  • not going to hit all ofem. Any blocks remaining will serve to support any pieces

  • above it, leading to some physically dubious constructions if left unabated. Fortunately,

  • there’s more than one way to detonate a line. If single explosions aren’t doing

  • it for you, you can super-charge your bombs by clearing multiple lines at once, which

  • turn those 1x7 blasts into 3x7 detonatoins. And if you arrange bombs into a square, theyll

  • fuse into one piece of mega-ordnance that can take out a vast chunk of the playfield

  • in one go.

  • Personally, Bombliss is one of my favorite Tetris-variants, right up there with Atomic

  • Tetris and Hot-Line Tetris from Tetris Worlds. But you don’t have to go importing this

  • just so you get your hands on some sweet block-exploding action. If you can’t find a copy of Tetris

  • Blast for the original Game Boy, or you can’t find your Game Boy (or Super Game Boy, or

  • Game Boy Player on yourCube), you can find the glorious return of Bombliss on Tetris

  • Axis for the 3DS. Imagine! Something on the 3DS worth playing, that isn’t called Mighty

  • Switch Force! Oh, and there’s regular Tetris, too. But you can get regular Tetris anywhere.

  • Bombliss, man. That’s where it’s at. I got two turntables and an I-block. Come at

  • me.

Chances are, if I ask you to think of a falling-block puzzle game, your mind is going to go immediately

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