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  • Resident Evil Outbreak took the series into new territory, while also retaining the things

  • that made the series so gripping. It introduced the world to the concept of online Resident

  • Evil, where you and three other friends could fight to survive in Raccoon City. But the

  • game wasn’t such as a dramatic change as Resident Evil 4 would be. It kept the story

  • in the city with the same gameplay, with the static camera angles and the love it or hate

  • control scheme. It was great to go back to the incident that made the series, but seeing

  • everything from a very different point of view. Not too long after its release, this

  • sequel came out, which didn’t really change much.

  • The gameplay is practically unchanged from RE Outbreak. So much so that the game feels

  • a lot more like an expansion pack instead of a legitimate sequel. So if you didn’t

  • like the approach to survival horror Outbreak took, this will not change your mind. The

  • game is always a multiplayer experience, so when you are not playing online, the other

  • survivors are controlled by the computer. You still select from one of same eight characters

  • as the first, with each one bringing something different to the scenario. Kevin is a cop

  • so he is strong and has a gun, George is a doctor so he can craft herbs and medicine,

  • Alyssa can pick lock, etc. Actually, depending on which character you are, the scenario will

  • unfold differently, which brings incentive to replay levels with a different one.

  • The scenarios are where the fun really is. The five levels will have you exploring new

  • areas of Raccoon City while also returning to some favorites from the past. Each scenario

  • takes place in a different location, with one taking place in the Raccoon City Police

  • Station, another having you going down into the subway, another into an Umbrella lab,

  • and even going into the forest. But my favorite is going to Raccoon City Zoo where you fight

  • against zombie animals including a huge elephant.

  • The gameplay is that of classic Resident Evil, which I how I believe the series should be.

  • You navigate through the changing camera angles as you solve puzzles and fight for your life.

  • There are many situations where it is better to run and conserve ammo and health than to

  • fight. And all the environments are dark and detailed, giving the game that eerie feel

  • that made the originals so memorable.

  • There are some problems with the computer AI, with partners randomly running around

  • constantly. And it would have been nice to see some improvements instead of just more

  • of the same. But when the same is entertaining and survival horror at its best, there isn’t

  • much to complain about.

Resident Evil Outbreak took the series into new territory, while also retaining the things

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CGR Undertow - RESIDENT EVIL: OUTBREAK FILE #2 review for PlayStation 2

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