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  • Resident Evil 4 was a groundbreaking game that changed the industry forever. It showed

  • what could be done with action games while also keeping the survival horror elements

  • that kept the game tense all the way through. It was a superb achievement in both game design

  • and execution. And after its release, countless number of games tried to follow up and breakthrough

  • off the success of RE4, including Resident Evil 4 itself. The game has been ported to

  • the Playstation 2, the PC and even given the Wii treatment with motion controls and enhanced

  • visuals. Well, now it has gone the path of many other games and gotten an HD upgrade

  • and been released on the PSN and Xbox Live. By now, everyone should know that the game

  • is just incredible, but is this the version to get or is it worth the second purchase.

  • The game follows Leon Kennedy, who after Raccoon City was given special training and now works

  • for the President. Soon after, the President’s daughter is kidnapped and Leon find himself

  • in rural Spain, investing a local group and continuing to search for Ashley. The story

  • and action are the exact same as before, with nothing really being done to change them.

  • Leon still stands still when shooting and the menus are still as frustrating as ever

  • to navigate. To an outsider the game is clearly starting to feel dated, but a fan wouldn’t

  • have it any other way. It is fun to go back and play this and see the things that were

  • at first super innovative, but by now have become industry mainstays for better or for

  • worse. Like quicktime events. Were cool the first time but by now have become simply a

  • nuisance.

  • As for the visuals, well they actually are not HD. These are the same polygons as the

  • first time it was released, and these are the same character models and textures. Instead

  • of a true HD upgrade, everything has been enhanced. The color contrast has been improved,

  • and everything looks a lot smoother. Sure the game does look better but the upgrade

  • does not make for something you can’t live without. Another disappointing aspect comes

  • in the way of extras, and by that I mean... there are none. Everything that was on the

  • PS2 version is here, but nothing more. You get the extra costumes and the Separate Ways

  • campaign starring Ada but that’s it.

  • My final verdict is that this is a great version for someone who has never played RE4 before,

  • but the mild graphics enhancement does not justify a re-purchase, especially at the $20

  • price tag.

Resident Evil 4 was a groundbreaking game that changed the industry forever. It showed

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