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  • I am preparing for a worldwide pandemic.

  • Go, go, go, go, go!

  • Before I was prepared for pandemic, I was probably spending 20 hours a day worrying about it.

  • When the pandemic comes, those were prepared.

  • Will survive.

  • Those who do not prepare will die.

  • A pandemic is a virus or disease that infects large numbers of people in multiple countries.

  • A pandemic can happen in a matter of hours.

  • If some one on one side of the country had the disease and they flew across the country by the time they get to the other side, people are taking at home.

  • They're taking it toe work.

  • A 2010 study suggests that the risk of disease transmission during transcontinental flights is high, making it possible for one sick person to cause simultaneous outbreaks in multiple geographic locations.

  • I am most afraid of the flu because it's so common that people don't really take it seriously, and that has killed thousands and thousands and thousands of people.

  • The World Health Organization believes that a devastating influenza pandemic is almost inevitable.

  • Even conservative estimates suggest, is many as 100 million people worldwide may be infected and millions will die My worst fear is that I would somehow contract the pandemic.

  • We've been outside.

  • So let's make sure that we were clean, okay?

  • And bring it home to my family and then have one of my family members Sorry.

  • That really got me.

  • Now I have to stop.

  • I need font caps.

  • I want 2000.

  • No, no, no, no, no, no.

  • I want 3000.

  • The flu is transmitted through droplets in the air, meaning catching a deadly virus could be a simple is being on the wrong end of the sneeze.

  • How soon can you get those to me?

  • Uh, maybe so.

  • Donna has stockpiled thousands of protective masks and gloves in her garage.

  • I put together kids that have everything you would need to survive a pandemic.

  • In my kids, I have isolation gowns, antiviral tissues, exam gloves and 95 mask foot covers.

  • Heavy duty sanitizer goggles stare.

  • A mean antibacterial wipes and hair covers.

  • What an influenza pandemic outbreak occurs.

  • The CDC estimates that it could last for up to eight weeks.

I am preparing for a worldwide pandemic.

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