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JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, it's Jacob.
Today we're soaring over snow castles,
experimenting with jonkeys, and we're
working it for the camera.
NATALIE TRAN: You have one chance
JACOB SOBOROFF: Last month, Honey Maid
put out this short documentary as part
of their "This is Wholesome" campaign.
HONEY MAID AD: If I had to describe my parents,
my dad would be like this.
Smart one and everything.
And then my papa would be, he's a funny one.
JACOB SOBOROFF: It got a huge response,
but as you can imagine, there was more than a little bit
of negativity in the comments.
What they did next though, is just plain beautiful.
They asked these two artists to take all the hateful comments
and literally turn them into love.
We're not the only ones that love this video.
It was everywhere over the weekend.
The comments were overflowing with support.
If you want, go over there and add your own.
EARNEST: Everyone knows what a jonkey is,
but what do we really know about jonkeys?
To help us learn more, Big Play Films
is conducting a series of experiments like this.
The channel is run by Nicholas Gerwich, the man behind Eisner
award-winning comic Perry Bible Fellowship, which
he's been making since 2004.
If you're like me and you love delightfully weird videos,
this channel is just getting started, so get on board now.
JACOB SOBOROFF: Halfpipes, back flips GoPros, need I say more?
Some of the world's best free skiers
and photographers got together in Livigno, Italy
for the Suzuki Nine Knights event
to take on Il Castello, an epic snow castle filled
with over 100,000 cubic meters of snow.
SKIER: There's a million different transfers.
Transfers from the quarter pipe, transfers from the half-pipe,
transfers from the kicker out of the half-pipe
to the jump landings.
We have an amazing amount of options out here.
Obviously for primarily the big jump.
JACOB SOBOROFF: You have to go watch this.
CARLY: Kamala Khan made history recently
as the first Muslim character to headline a Marvel comic book.
Which is so amazingly cool.
Idea Channel's nearest episode uses Ms. Marvel to dive
into the issue of diversity and representation in mass media.
MIKE RUGNETTA: So in the world of superheroes and fantasy,
there is a lingua Franca of bodies.
Tough, taut, and toned.
Mostly white, and with very few exceptions,
either male, or arguably, very easily arguably in fact,
designed for men.
Members of the Kamala Korps are writing in
to say how important this comic is to them.
How great it is to finally see themselves in this universe
they love so much.
CARLY: The first issue made the top 25 in comic books sales
in North America.
Which is no small feat.
And issue number three comes out April 16.
JACOB SOBOROFF: You know those shoes
that are sitting in the back of your closet
that are just like half a size too small?
Natalie Tran says, save them.
You never know when your toes are going to get amputated.
NATALIE TRAN: I find myself looking
at clothes that don't fit and getting sad.
One day, one day.
The day I all of a sudden shrink, or grow taller,
or my feet get smaller or something.
I don't know. "The damage is a lot more severe
than we thought.
We're going to cut off some of your foot."
"Can you cut it to a five and a half?
But what about the other foot?
Now keep it coming man, full speed."
JACOB SOBOROFF: Natalie has been posting videos for over seven
years, and she has one of the biggest channels in Australia.
She's noted for her keen observations,
and she credits her parents who were
Vietnamese refugees for that.
Their outside perspective taught Natalie
how to pay close attention to people's behavior,
like how we act when the camera comes out.
NATALIE TRAN: One of the situations I hate
is when you're out with a group of people
and you're taking a photo.
And then all of a sudden, "Actually,
Nat, could you take one on my phone for me as well?"
"Oh, sure--" "Actually, Nat, could you take one on my camera
as well?"
JACOB SOBOROFF: She's funny, she's relatable,
most importantly, she's Earnest's favorite.
She posts new videos every week, so join the community,
and subscribe.
We want you on the show.
Let us know about all the amazing things
that you're finding or that you're making out there
by posting them with the hashtag, #youtubenation.
Just like these guys.
DAN: Oh, hey, YouTubeNation!
BRAD: Hi there.
DAN: We're from HalfDayToday.
BRAD: And we just wanted to say thank you
for featuring our video "The Wolf Of Buzzfeed" on your site.
How many hits you get?
DAN: 72,000.
BRAD: You show me a blog post with 72,000 hits on it,
I quit my job right now I come work for you.
SPEAKER: With these lists, you can create a stupid gift,
write a nonsensical blob of text,
and it'll get retweeted millions of times
without ever using an even number in your title.
FILMCLIP: This is the greatest company in the world!
JACOB SOBOROFF: That's HalfDayToday's first new video
in over a year.
Go over to their channel to check out the old stuff,
but also subscribe to get the new stuff as it posts.
Now play us out, Adanowsky
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