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Launched in the Philippines in May of 2018 and aimed at making waves and raising brows in the subcompact category
It is named after the hot desert blast across the Sea of Cortez better known as the Gulf of Mexico
Now this may sound like a lot of hot air but it's the truth
Meet the Santana
Know the Volkswagen set back
No drama, that's easily the first thing that comes to mind when you look at it. It's not boring. Not a mod
It's just not dramatic. It means more towards
simple for instance two lines down front
Halogen headlamps on either side and a grill nothing more nothing less
Down the side. You've got two more lines body colored side mirrors with repeaters and 14-inch wheels
Which are just about right for its engine size now looking at it from the side
It's definitely not a snazzy as its Japanese counterparts found locally
it means more towards simple neat really like like a cold Pilsner or a crisp white shirt, you know, I mean, oh,
I've knit thick in the past and I'll probably nitpick again in the future
But this time it's for the greater good plastic covers on these wheels
Not a fan as much as a submarine captain is about screen doors on his boat. Yeah, those have to go
Now on our recent drive at Volkswagen
I put Nico our hosts four on the saddle inside the trunk of the Santana to prove a point
That's his auto auto but more importantly to show what 480 litres of space looks like an affair a car of this size
That's a lot. Wait. Let me see that again
Every time
There is one more thing
I want to point out on the Santana and it's found underneath the tow hook not really the previous thing on the planet
But when the car is full and you're approaching an incline that thing is heaven-sent now
There are no toys to speak of back here. Absolutely. Zip zilch zero. No not even bottle holders on the door
You do have one cup holder in the center
Which you probably will fight for like meat loaf in an episode of The Brady Bunch
But the seats are comfortable and roomy too good enough for two average-sized adults three seatbelts in the back suggest three passengers
but really
better for two now Vincent that I did notice that even on a warm summer's day with no tent in this car and it is
Black as you've seen the air is actually pretty darn good
Now inside the interior is neat as well
Everything is simple from your analog speedometer and tachometer to your very simple trip digital display
Dear no fuss radio your air controls, even the seats are innocent
What does have a bit of a maturity in here is the steering wheel and it's flat bottom necessary
probably not what it's nice and it feels good to the touch and
The second would be these plastic actions that you can find on the dash and on the door
You know sort of like a diamond pattern in a fall carbon fiber plastic kind of material
Which I'm still trying to figure out what the call
plot thick
Powering the Santana is a 1.4 liter 5-speed manual transmission
That produces 132 Newton meters of torque and only 89 horses a little bit low on power. You might think and you'd be right
See, I've noticed that when you're trying to go uphill
when the car is a little bit full you will have to make your foot a little bit more on the
Led-based side and put a little more grunt into it to get the car going
But I've also noticed in the other side of it is that in traffic. This thing is actually very good
In fact, it's a pleasure to drive in traffic actually
Now when your right foot turns to lit and you want to try to ring all 89 horses out of the car
You will notice that the revs will go up pretty fast what you won't notice
It's exactly how noisy it can get outside because it's pretty quiet inside for instance right now
We're on 4th and we're at 2,000 and about 500 rpm. I'm gonna bring it down to third
Now we're at 3,500 rpm now there is a hum, but it's just amazing how quiet the cabin is
Considering that the tires on this guy are economical tires. It's just so quiet in here. It's pretty cool
Now there might be folks out there with reservations about the Santana simply because of where it's built granted
It's designed and engineered in Germany, but it is built in China and there's that stigma
Let's flip it around shall be there is a product that you might actually already own that is also built in China
but design in cupertino
Your iPhone you wouldn't have reservations about that now would you?
This 2018 Santana
Is available at six hundred and eighty six thousand Philippine pesos now before the end of 2018
Volkswagen Philippines will release the automatic version of
This car with we figure a small bump in price now whether you get the automatic or the manual transmission
We figure that this will still be the most affordable German car in the Philippines and that is music to our ears
car fin
Plus aa car bird and that doesn't make any sense
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2018 Volkswagen Santana 1.4 MPI Trendline MT - Behind the Wheel

123 Folder Collection
蕭世享 published on December 10, 2018
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