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Vanessa is coming in. Here comes Vanessa. Vanessa is coming in.
Watch this person coming, its Vanessa.
Hello Vanessa. Nice to meet you!
A Golden Globe, a SAG Award, now the Oscar nomination
wow it's really impressive, congratulations. Thank you!
It feels good, thank you! How do you feel when you wake up in the morning,
just knowing you might take you first Oscar home.
I haven't really thought, I haven´t put myself there
I don't put myself in that - imagine that position
I'm really enjoying this whole
approach to it in this whole award season I've been going around
supporting this this film that took 20 years to make
and we got it made and now
its at a time when it's getting a light shine on it
you know for picture for editing for performances and that's something I'm
I'm proud of and I'm proud to be sharing it and I'm gonna
I'll be able to better answer that after
the season's over whether I win it or not
Honestly, when I first read about this movie and I saw your pictures how
much weight you lost
I thought, why would anyone do that for role,
and then I saw the movie and now I get it. Bravo!
it was truly worth it this movie, right?
It was an obvious responsibility that I had
to go play the character,
if I didn't do that, I really wouldn´t have worked.
I would have been embarrassed, I wouldn´t have been doing my job.
So it was very clear to me, it was never a question
going into it that that wasn't necessary.
I didn't know how much I was gonna loose, I just knew
there was a certain place I needed to get
to best represent Ron Woodruff
How did playing this character influence your day-to-day life?
I'd say then and still
I'd definitely challenge authority more aggressively
than I did before, politically
on a government level, on many levels
challenge authority. Don't just take someone's word for
things as easily as maybe I did before
I always question, what actually did Ron Woodroff
at the end he doesn't go that court and win
he goes there and looses. But what did he do?
And I would say, to the best of my knowledge,
his shook the tree and made enough noise he was obviously making enough noise that the FDA
came down and shut him down three times so he was obviously
important enough and it was on their radar as you know
a criminal and we gonna shut this guy up and so what do I think probably happened
well, you know the congressmen and senators who had their special-interest staced up on
their desk
I think he got, you know, the people with HIV and how do we better treat them
that move from the bottom of the list closer to the top
And so I think he helped fast track; what he did
help fast-track the government doing research about the thing, there's a better
way to treat people with HIV.
You shot this movie in 25 days.
That must have been a challenge because thats not a long time for a movie like that.
No, it#s not. It was a challenge, but in hindsight, I also call it a privlege
because you didn't have to reset
in the day, you almost didn't have to reset at night or at the end of the week.
It felt like the camera was always rolling
so there what happens when you know that you're under the gun
one: you're forced to get creative. Number two:
you don't warm up into the scene. You show up that morning and you're hitting it
because there's not gonna be time to warm up. You don't get in a scene and kinda find it
which you have the privilege of doing in more considerate films
we have more time which those are nice as well but this was like boy get outta bed
I'm on. Everybody better be on,
until they tell us to go home we're not shooting anymore, ever.
Which came after 25 days. Thank you so much. it was great to talk to you.
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zaphiel published on January 22, 2015
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