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  • As I write this, I've just learned that Neverland, producers of this game, have filed for bankruptcy.

  • And that's sad. I think it's fair to say I've enjoyed the more balanced RPG bent of the

  • Rune Factory series more than I have any of the more recent Harvest Moon titles, which

  • were ostensibly about farming but had all manner of land development or part-time jobs

  • kinda cluttering up the works. Rune Factory IV, on the other hand, acknowledges the fact

  • that you'll likely have plenty of plates spinning at once, but does a good job of detailing

  • just what needs done when. Part of it is a series of requests delivered by a sentient

  • message box. Part of it is the progression of a main plot. Part of it is having a decent

  • level of control yourself.

  • So you're minding your own business, riding an airship, about to deliver some package to

  • some god because RPG, and then WHAM. You get assaulted, and while you succeed in fighting

  • them off, you take a nasty blow to the back of the head, drop your parcel overboard, develop

  • amnesia, sharply increase your special defense by two stages, oh yeah and then you get knocked

  • overboard yourself, where you just happen to land on a dragon god. Is it the same one

  • you had business with earlier? Who knows! All you know is that she thinks you're some

  • kind of prince-slash-princess, and you don't know enough to tell her no. So begins your

  • life of royalty, and being made to work in the garden right out back of the dragon's

  • chamber, and then the actual prince shows up but wants no part of the gardening so he

  • designates you the "acting" royalty and gives you a bevy of options with which to invigorate

  • the local economy and/or improve your facilities. Much like Harvest Moon, you can break down

  • stray logs and rocks for building materials, then turn those into monster stables, larger

  • storage facilities, cooking equipment, compounding equipment... makes me wanna stop down and

  • play some Agricola just thinking about it.

  • But it's not all farming: Part of it's getting to know the townsfolk, bestowing upon them

  • home-cooked delicacies like pickled turnips because you pickled an entire crop of turnips

  • and can't eat 'em all. Part of it is recruiting folks to join you in the action-RPG dungeon-crawly

  • bits, either because you need a helping hand or because you kinda just want to spend some

  • time with them alone. Nudge, nudge. There's plenty of time for flirting, too, as most

  • other tasks can be completed fairly quickly, and the game even remembers certain achievements

  • if you later take up a similar request. It might not be the most polished game I've ever

  • played, but it's certainly intuitive, right down to having your entire inventory available

  • right from the L-button.

  • The presentation's tough to criticize. I mean, you can roll your eyes at what would seem

  • to be rather pandering pan-ups of each character as they're introduced, but it's kinda interesting

  • that pretty much everyone gets one of those, making for equal-opportunity eye candy. The

  • soundtrack and effects have a distinctly retro feel, just blippy enough to feel nostalgic

  • without seeming cheap. Also, what other game can you think of that includes a massive collection

  • of fanart included in-game, complete with commentary from the cast? I could go on and

  • on, but that dragon's making eyes at me and that's kinda strange and I should probably

  • back away now.

As I write this, I've just learned that Neverland, producers of this game, have filed for bankruptcy.

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