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Check it out guys, it's Trevor James.
We just got into Kolkata, India,
and today we're going for a full on street food tour.
I am so pumped.
Let's go check it out. (upbeat music)
This is it, Kolkata.
A street food heaven with food so good
it's almost like a dream.
And as soon as you arrive, you're bombarded
with a huge selection of delicacies
that would take a lifetime to discover
and an energy unlike any other city in the world.
This is part one of five of out Kolkata Street Food series.
So make sure to watch this whole video
and keep going in the playlist as well
to bask in the true glory of Kolkata street food with us.
And today, we found six amazing street foods.
So let's eat.
Look at these guys, right across the street there
is a busy tea stall. (horn honking)
We're gonna get a sabzi curry and a khichri.
Let's try it out.
(speaking foreign language)
Oh look at this, guys.
That's a beautiful, (speaking foreign language).
Look at this.
We just got a sabzi, which is potato curry,
and, oh here's the khichri.
Little puffs of joy, ah.
Oh, that's a big breakfast.
Thank you, oh.
(speaking foreign language)
I think that's paneer, paneer.
Just putting some paneer on there
and we're gonna get a chai tea as well.
(speaking foreign language)
Oh, chili, chili, awesome.
And look at this massive pot of chai
that we're getting in the back here.
Ooh, that's huge.
Whoa, this is incredible.
The smell coming from that is just amazing.
(upbeat music)
This chai tea is just insane.
It's good.
Look at that incredible, that is a lot of sugar.
(speaking foreign language)
Oh, it's chai.
(speaking foreign language)
(horns blaring)
(speaking foreign language)
This smells.
(speaking foreign language)
It's saffron.
And right down here they are preparing the fresh kachori.
And there is cumin seeds in there,
rolling it out, and he's gonna put it in the oil.
And that is what we're gonna have with our sabzi
potato curry.
So we just got a beautiful chai tea here
in a clay cup.
And then we also have potato curry with a bit of paneer
and then the kachori.
Little fried puffs of goodness, and some fresh chili.
Let's go try it out.
Look at these guys, chai tea in the morning.
It doesn't get any better.
And he put some beautiful saffron flakes on there.
Oh wow.
That's good.
That's really good.
That is actually a very strong,
it has a very strong black tea flavor.
But also a strong spiced goodness in there.
That is a deep, spiced tea.
In a clay cup that is so satisfying.
And then we're just gonna take this khichri.
Nice, warm khichri in the morning.
Looks like some black sesame.
It's like a fried flour ball with some,
might be some cumin seeds in there as well.
Oh yeah, warm potato, look at that.
Warm potato curry with paneer cheese, beautiful.
That just feels powerful, healthy, spicy.
And you can see all the potatoes, the chickpeas,
the paneer cheese, there's a dried chili in there
and it's on a big bay leaf.
And I'm pretty sure that's increasing the flavor profile.
Awesome start to the day.
This city is just full of life.
Full of food.
It is packed with energy, and we are on the hunt for more.
I think we just got stuck in the middle of the road,
but this gives you an opportunity to see the real heart,
the real soul.
You've got these classic almost heritage like cabs、
yellow cabs, and blue buses.
I don't think you can see that
in many other places in India.
It really does have a classic feel to it here.
This is what dreams are made of.
With five more street foods planned to eat,
we took a quick walk to the New Market area
to hunt and warm up with a bhelpuri,
AKA puffed rice with a spicy mango chutney.
This is to die for.
We are going to New Market area now.
We're gonna find more street food,
and then we're gonna have a famous Kolkata street food,
the roll.
I can't wait to try it out.
We are gonna get bhelpuri here.
Look at that puffed rice.
And then look at what he's adding here,
lots of crispies.
Oh, yeah, crispies, peanuts,
some chickpeas, cilantro, onion.
Oh yeah, look at this,
that is garam masala I think.
Some salt.
And look at this, oh wow.
That is a chutney, I think that's a mango tamarind chutney.
Looks good.
Oh and a coconut.
It's looking good, nice.
This looks absolutely delicious.
In Kolkata.
Kolkata street food.
And coconut?
This coconut.
Coconut, cilantro,
(speaking foreign language)
And chili.
And chili.
Thank you.
We just got the bhelpuri, look at all the delicious stuff
that he just put in here.
There's chickpeas, peanuts, and the real secret,
look at here.
This is the chutney.
Oh, mango chutney.
Mango, tomato, tamarind, it looks spicy and sour.
Oh, and lime.
Mango chutney, lime, beautiful.
And that is in our bhelpuri.
Puffed rice, crispy rice.
Street food in a newspaper.
Looks like a crispy street snack from heaven.
Oh yeah, look at the chilies and the onions.
Oh, the chickpeas.
Peanuts, let's try it out.
Oh, that's good.
Oh, thank you.
It really is
all about that chutney.
That is spicy and sour.
Oh, thank you.
It's good.
Oh wow.
That's good, yeah.
That's all about the chutney.
It definitely has a spicy kick, very spicy.
You can taste a bit of mango flavor in there as well.
That is an instant hit of spice.
The chili, the chutney, spicy, sour, fresh and crispy.
That is true heaven.
Now we're getting warmed up.
Next up we walk just a few steps down the street
to try Kolkata's most famous street food, the roll.
You have to see this beauty to believe it.
Next up we're gonna go for a famous street food
here in Kolkata.
The roll.
The Kusum's roll.
Egg double egg chicken roll, please.
Egg double chicken roll.
Double egg, yeah.
Single egg, double chicken?
Double egg.
No chicken?
Single chicken.
Or double chicken, sure.
So this is the famous Kusum's roll.
Here it goes guys.
Famous Kusum's roll.
So he's making a hot paratha right now.
He's put some, oh he's just put an egg on.
He's just put two eggs on there.
This is the double egg Kusum's roll.
Let's hope there's an almond on top of the paratha.
Look at that.
That is marinated chicken with onions.
I believe that is fried in capsicum.
That paratha with the egg,
that is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
(speaking foreign language)
Little bit of onion.
[Cook] Lemon.
[Trevor] Lemon.
[Cook] Black pepper.
[Trevor] Black pepper.
[Cook] Yes, and you want sauce?
[Trevor] Yes please.
[Cook] Tomato, tomato.
[Trevor] Tomato sauce, nice.
[Cook] We have chili sauce, want chili sauce?
[Trevor] And chili sauce, yes please.
[Cook] Want green chili?
Yes please.
Just a little.
Oh, beautiful green chili.
Look at this guys, that is the hot kati roll at Kusum's.
There is chicken.
The paratha is just soaked.
It was just fried in that egg.
You can see the onion, and the chicken is fried
in a tomato sauce with capsicum, ooh.
Pepper, masala spice.
And that paratha is crispy.
It's like there's an omelet on that paratha.
That is really good.
That is unlike anything I've ever tasted.
That is so flavorful.
It's all about the marinade in the chicken.
You can taste that it's marinated in yogurt and spices.
Ooh, the onion aroma, slightly sweet.
There is definitely a slightly sweet, peppery spicy
goodness in there.
In that crispy oily paratha,
that is true, deep down satisfaction.
Just add a little lime on there, you can taste that lime.
The lime and the chili, they go together like nothing else.
After that beautiful roll, we made our way
to one of Kolkata's most iconic street food heavens,
Decker's Lane.
Before continuing through Kolkata
for an incredibly flavorful biryani and curry feast
that will make your mouth water.
Here in Decker's Lane, the locals sit down
and enjoy a huge selection of street foods
for lunch and dinner.
With the famous selection being a flavorful chicken stew
and toast.
Decker's Lane.
This is it.
Street food mecca.
Oh, noodles.
(speaking foreign language)
Thank you.
So there is toast and chicken stew and tea.
Look at this, we're gonna get a chicken stew.
Hearty, healthy chicken stew with some toast.
Oh yeah.
And some toast.
Oh yeah, some pickles.
Some cucumber and onion.
And some pepper.
Beautiful, thank you.
Look at this guys, it's like a chicken soup,
chicken stew, with potato, carrot, lots of pepper.
Oh, it's hot, it's hot.
Oh, tender chicken.
And I am just gonna put a little bit on that bread,
and then I'm gonna dip that bread into that nice,
nice soup.
Oh it's crispy.
That's like super aromatic.
Very clear chicken soup, it's quite light.
It's very peppery.
I've been dreaming of coming here for so long
now we're finally here tasting the peppery soup,
peppery stew.
It truly is a dream come true to come here.
If you come to Kolkata, come eat in Decker's Lane.
Next up, look at this.
Look at this guys.
Right out here, a beautiful juice bar.
Hello, hi, how are you?
How are you man?
Can (speaking foreign language).
No ice.
(speaking foreign language)
No ice please.
Look at this guys, this is the juice bar heaven.
Lots of juice.
Looks good.
Is this mosambi?
Mango lassi, okay.
They have mango lassi, we're also gonna get an orange juice.
No ice.
(speaking foreign language)
Okay, thank you.
Oh that is fresh.
Not too sweet actually, just very fresh.
Feels good.
To finish off this amazing day of street food,
we had one of the most delicious biryani and curry meals
in the world at Arsalan Biryani Shop, downtown Kolkata.
And to get there, you can jump right in
to a heritage Kolkata taxi and enjoy the ride.
Let's go check it out.
We are in the classic heritage Kolkata taxi.
We're on the way to go to a huge, huge feast.
It's gonna be really good.
And it has been an amazing day
in Kolkata so far. - Yep.
Mind blowing.
(muffled speaking)
We are here, we're gonna have a big feast at Arsalan.
Wow, what are these?
(muffled speaking)
Mutton chop?
(muffled speaking) Mutton chop.
And this?
(muffled speaking)
Chicken chop.
Look at this, this is the most incredible looking
simmering mutton curry, oh.
It looks so juicy.
And then over here they have the chicken chop.
Oh, in these massive pots of joy in the city of joy.
I think we just found the jackpot.
Apart from these chops, there is also kebab in the back.
In the back there is mint chutney kebabs,
there is your regular kebabs, all for the tandoori oven.
This is true heaven.
We're gonna go in the back and take a look.
Look at these massive cauldrons.
Take this spoon.
This is the mutton biryani?
That one's the lamb biryani.
The potato is there.
Whoa. (muffled speaking)
Look at this intensely aromatic biryani.
You can smell the cardamom.
[Cook] Yeah, yeah, cardamoms.
[Trevor] Cardamom.
[Cook] They are very important
(drowned out by banging) cardamom.
It looks so good.
It's so fragrant.
A lot of biryanis there are so very hot.
Oh, it's so fresh.
Yeah, the fresh ones.
- Beautiful. - All types of them are fresh.
So mutton biryani is very famous here?
(muffled speaking)
A Kolkata specialty?
Kolkata, yeah.
Looks so good.
Here's the chicken biryani.
[Cook] Yeah, the chicken is there.
[Trevor] Oh nice.
[Cook] There's a breast piece.
The chicken breast.
[Trevor] It's layered.
[Cook] Give it a light grease.
A light one.
[Trevor] Oh you can see it.
You can see the layers in there.
[Cook] This is for two pieces of the chicken,
one the leg, one the breast.
[Trevor] So fresh.
[Cook] Yeah, it is all fresh (muffled speaking).
[Trevor] Beautiful potatoes and chicken.
And look at this mutton over here.
This really looks to die for.
Big chunks of mutton.
Nice potatoes.
Basmati rice, and you can smell,
you can just smell that cardamom.
It looks so good.
And now we're getting a look at the curry.
Yeah this a lamb mutton kasha.
[Trevor] Mutton kasha?
[Cook] Yeah, this is the mutton kasha.
What's so important is all these little,
(speaking foreign language).
[Trevor] Oh it looks so rich.
[Cook] Sunflower oil, you know sunflower oil.
[Trevor] Sunflower oil?
[Cook] Yeah, sunflower oil.
Chicken butter masala.
[Trevor] Chicken butter masala.
[Cook] Yeah, just making now the chicken butter masala.
All boneless pieces in there, yeah.
[Trevor] Boneless butter masala.
[Cook] All boneless.
[Trevor] Beautiful.
[Cook] This chicken irani is too.
It's the same thing, it's that little chicken,
that one the mutton.
Just chicken.
[Trevor] Just chicken.
[Cook] And then all my spice.
[Trevor] Oh, lots of spices.
[Cook] The gol-eats, the green chili, red chili,
a bit of black pepper.
[Trevor] Oh wow.
The mutton irani is too.
That's the same, that's the chicken, that's the mutton.
Oh okay, chicken irani and,
mutton irani stew. - Mutton irani, that's right.
We make it with ginger, the red chilies, black pepper.
[Trevor] Oh wow, they're so thick.
[Cook] Yeah, (muffled speaking) ginger.
[Trevor] Ginger.
[Cook] Yeah.
And red chilies as well.
Thank you very much for the introduction.
Okay, thank you.
Speechless with the amount of selection here.
Thank you much.
Thank you too.
Look at this beautiful mind blowing feast in Kolkata.
We ordered some beautiful dishes here.
We ordered seven special dishes
straight from heaven.
Starting with the true specialty, the mutton biryani
packed with spices and cardamom, and potatoes,
and juicy pieces of mutton that melt in your mouth.
We got an amazing mutton chop, ground mutton
in a spicy curry, and a creamy and smooth butter chicken
masala marinated in yogurt and masala spices.
A specialty Arsalan kebab covered with cheese
and baked in a tandoori oven.
A super thick and potent mutton rogan josh
with incredibly tender chunks of mutton
and garnished with cilantro.
It also came with a mint chutney.
And to finish it all off, we got a super fluffy
and crispy mutton keema stuffed naan
coated with butter and ready for scooping up
delicious curries.
This is true curry heaven.
This is truly what dreams are made of here.
I dream about food like this.
This is gonna be life changing.
I'm really gonna go, I really wanna go for that
beautiful mutton rogan josh.
That is truly flavorful.
That is a universe of flavor right there.
That is pure flavor.
It's actually not too spicy, it's just,
it's quite rich and it's deep.
It is complex.
It is a complex flavor.
You can tell they put a lot of spices in there.
Turmeric and garlic, and oh the cilantro on top.
This is incredible with the butternut.
This here is true heavenly curry.
Something spice lovers will rejoice in
on their first bite, and reminisce on after they're home.
The biryani was packed with cardamom
and worth the flight alone to India.
And the cheese covered chicken kebabs
were so rich with a salty cheese
and a smokey and tender kebab that just melts in your mouth.
Very heavy and cheesy, and so addicting.
And the flavors here are just absolutely to die for.
This has been some of the best food of my life in Kolkata.
I would love to hear from you in the comments below.
Please click that thumbs up button and subscribe
to this channel if you haven't already.
Also click the little notification bell
so you can get updates for these deep street food tours.
This is part one of many Kolkata street food tours,
and I can't wait to see what else we can find.
Thank you so much for watching.
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