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That's not sushi.
But is it sushi?
This is Korean sushi, I believe.
I don't eat--
I tried to get it on the plate.
I see crab, is that beef, or spam or--
What the (beep) is going on in this?
One, two, three.
That's good,
That's a good time.
Still chewing dude? Sorry.
So good.
What is going on over there?
I'm sorry, small mouth.
It's just the whole thing is heaven wrapped
in the little roll.
It's got some cooked food in there.
With a little bit of spices.
Is this a fruit?
There's this really crunchy aspect to it.
Oh, that sound!
This is some tasty bop right over here.
Those look like sausages that have been
basting in kimchi for days.
This is Korean pasta, right?
It tastes like pasta.
I've actually made this before.
It's fishcake, this is Tteokk.
Look at me, I'm a little Korean expert.
It's very good, it's exceptionally chewy.
It's rice compacted into this weird space sausage.
Is there anything inside?
There's nothing inside.
The spice is telling you to stop,
but your tummy's telling you to keep going.
What, these are cookies?
Woah, oh wait.
That's not a cookie.
Oh my god.
Oh, it's like a little fishy pie.
These are fun little things for us.
Is it an empanada or a pie?
Oh, it smells like a ginger bread house, kinda.
Very bready, it's not sweet.
The craftsmanship on this.
You're a savage.
I know, I bit into his face.
Hey, you could probably make it like other things too.
You could make like a little cat.
Like imagine like Baymax, like this.
Bean, a little bean max?
Red bean is just like pure angel.
Honestly, I'm over the bread.
I just want the red bean.
I'll never be over the bread.
What? Oh.
Look at these little baby boys.
Okay, I keep changing what I think it is.
I thought it was like a grain burrito.
Is this meat?
It looks like a mix between,
like blood sausage, and rice.
This kinda looks like little sausage.
Oh, is this blood sausage?
Put a little bit of that on there.
A little sprinkle dinkle.
I always enjoy a little bit of salt with my blood.
I got too much salt.
I ruined what would have otherwise been pretty a good food.
I didn't remember eating Playdoh as child
until this moment.
I'm like, oh I've been here before.
I can't say I like it.
He's still chewing it and he put it in his mouth 5 minutes ago.
It's, it's comforting in a sense, 'cause I,
excuse me, a little burp.
Oh, jesus.
If you were to bite somebody's arm,
that's what it tastes like.
Oh yeah, a little bit.
I would eat this again.
I feel like the sushi's a solid appetizer.
Korean food, great.
Korean street food,
even greater.
Everything, almost everything was good.
Yeah, certainly.
You're still, you're still focused on the guts.
Yeah, those linger though, those linger.
They most certainly linger.
If this food is like pretty inexpensive,
that's great, because Steve and I are cheap dates.
That's right, we out!
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People Try Korean Street Food

10045 Folder Collection
Joseph Yap published on July 27, 2016    Joseph Yap translated    Naomi Hwang reviewed
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