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Alright so check it out
It’s Trevor James
I am with Chuchu
We just flew in to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
And we’re coming here for a full on food tour of this city
We’re going to eat as much as we can in the next few days
This is it
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a food heaven
It’s packed with cuisine that you’ll fall in love with on your first try
And you’ll never run out of new things to try as you explore the city
Everywhere you go
There is something to be found
We can here solely to eat
And found a ton of Malay,
And Indian meals and snacks that blew us away
In one day
You can have a blast tasting food in Hawker centers
And exploring temples in Chinatown
Immersing yourself in the colors and smells of little India
Tasting curries over banana leaf
And eating it with your bare hands
And later on
Feasting on Malay cuisine and roast fish in Kampung Bharu
We spent 4 days in the city eating non-stop
And these are the 11 must try dishes that you need to devour as soon as you arrive in Kuala Lumpur
Let’s eat
So right behind us here is Restoran Sin Hiap Kee
This is Chinese Indian food
Made by a local Chinese lady and we are going to go try it out
So aromatic
Just put a huge chunk on there
Yeah yeah right there
Look at that!
It’s beautiful!
That looks incredible
Look at the fish head curry!
Let’s go
Look at all the meat there
Oh you can just dip the fish head meat in the curry
Wow the fish head meat is so tender
Oh what I love about all of this
Wow eating the eye!
Oh my
Huge mutton curry!
Oh yeah, Chuchu take some!
To start out your Foodrangin feast in Malaysia
Malay food is a necessity
One of the must try things in Malaysia is Ikan Baker roast fish with Nasi Campur
You’ll have a huge selection of curries and gravies and vegetables
All cooked in the local Malay style
There really is nothing better
OK so Chuchu
Up here you have to try a Malay specialty Ikan Baker
Roast fish
Let’s go
Oh yeah
This is a huge Nasi Campur feast
We have a grilled Tilapia
This is a grilled swordfish
But what the real magic is
I’m just going right in
The Ikan Bilis
Dried anchovies
With a super sweet almost honey like sambal
Get in there
And then you’ve gotta dip it in the sauce
Look at that
One of the joys of Malaysia is the insane amount of selection
And this is definitely seen in it’s desserts
The most refreshing and famous of which is the condole
Found all over the roadside stalls in Kuala Lumpur
When you’re feeling hot
Just line up at a vendor’s stall, and order up
The shaved ice, palm sugar, pandan leave jelly and coconut
Will really cool you down
And the sweetness really picks you up
Oh look at this
It’s like heavenly desserts
Two cendols please
For here in a bowl please
Thank you!
Oh here you go Chuchu
Wow look at that
Thank you very much
It’s full of shaved ice with pandan leave jelly
Coconut milk, brown sugar
And in the bottom you’ll see oh red beans!
Red beans
Let’s try it out
That’s so cooling
Oh it’s so cooling on a hot day
So sweet
So sweet, so creamy with coconut milk
Oh yeah, heaven
This is still just the beginning
Malaysia wouldn’t be Malaysia without it’s siganture famed dish
Nasi Lemak
Amazingly fragrant rice
Cooked with fatty coconut milk
And served with a hard boiled egg
Cucumbers, peanuts, a traditional spicy sambal
Dried anchovies and fried chicken
This dish really has it all
And without a doubt
The best part is the amazingly spicy and fragrant sambal paste
It’s worth the flight alone
Nasi Lemak
Thank you
Oh beautiful
So this is Nasi Lemak
The absolute heavenly dish of Malaysia
Smell that
Ok Ok we just gotta eat this
This is going to be really good
Let’s eat
That sambal is really potent
And the anchovies mixed in with it
It’s really good
I think there is definitely some Pandan leaves
Extra sambal just goes so well on that coconut rice
I’m in heaven right now
Another thing that is undoubtedly a must try in Malaysia is durian
The notoriously smelly fruit
So Chuchu and I went to the best spot to feast on durian in Kuala Lumpur
The SS2 neighborhood durian buffet at Wai’s durian
Here you can sample different varieties of the worlds stinkiest and most fragrant fruit
After your first bite
You’ll discover whether you’re a lifelong fan or not
Luckily for both of us
We both love it
Oh doesn’t that look beautiful
Oh yeah
Look at that
The King of durian
It’s so sweet
It’s so creamy
There is nothing better than durian
It’s really satisfying to get your hands messy
And just to take the creamy durian flesh
And put it in your mouth
I cannot believe this flavour exists
Look at this
You just put your fingers in
It’s like a zipper
It’s like a zipper and then
Look inside!
Look inside at the flesh!
There is nothing better
Chuchu you take a piece
Malaysia is so multicultural with Indian, Malay, and Chinese cultures all mixing together
And one of the joys of Malaysia is the Indian banana leaf restaurants all over the city
We made our way to little India to try it out
And were served one with meat curries
And one with all veg
For a curry addict
You can really get your fix here
I give you one veggie rice
One veggie
One veggie and one non veggie great idea
OK, and then we make one for meat right?
Oh Chetinnad chicken
Very nice, with gravy
This is chicken
Oh, and an egg
This side
Sit over here? Thank you so much
This looks really nice
We have a huge Chettinad feast here in Kuala Lumpur
Two banana leafs
This is naan
Garlic cheese naan
We have some dhal and I think this is a mint chutney
Take with the hand is best
Take with the hand
Yeah with the hand theres taste
It tastes better
With the right hand
Thank you
So use your right hand
Last time I used my left and I got in a lot of trouble
All vegetable curries
So many veg
There is lady finger
I think this is mutton tofu
It’s supposed to taste like mutton
There is cauliflower
There is green beans
And then over here
This is meat curry banana leaf
There is squid, there’s chicken
There’s mutton, there’s more chicken
So much
Just gotta clump it up
Don’t be shy
I’m not professional
You know, I’m still learning just like you
That flavor is incredible
There you go
Clump it together
Use your thumb
Yeah yeah there you go
Is that good?
So many flavors here
Malaysia is just so packed with flavor
And the food culture shines through every hawker center and restaurant that you visit
You really need to have some local home cooked Chinese lunch when you visit
We came to a little Chinese place in SS2
To try their famous BBQ pork
And wow were we impressed
Thank you
This looks incredibly delicious
We have a Malaysian Chinese home cooked lunch feast
Just look at this
With their own Malaysian style chili paste
And then over here this is free range chicken with ginger and soy sauce
Just smell that
Look at that this is a true true Malaysian lunch feast
The chashao is the dish to come for
This really is the King of BBQ pork and is reason enough to come here alone
When done right, a good chashao is one of the best flavours to savour in the world
The juices and the fat burst from the pork
And the sweet marinade coats your tastebuds
Bringing you into the next realm
Oh dip it in the chili sauce
Let’s try that
Om nom
Oh my god
That is insane
Isn’t that good
This chili sauce is a little sour
The garlic
There is definitely some honey in there
It’s really nice
One of the best parts about Malaysian food culture is the local hawker centers
You can order up almost all the famous Malaysian dishes in one place from different stalls
It’s all here
Every region of Malaysia has it’s own specialties
With Penang holding the crown for the famous Asam Laksa and Char Kuay Teow
And Kuala Lumpur we went to go try a famous pork noodle soup
The secret to a great bowl is the soup stock base
Where here, it’s cooked bowl by bowl
And not by bulk
So we waited an hour and ten minutes to taste the sweet, fragrant pork bone broth
Filled with sliced pork and innards
The pork noodles are here
Look at this
So I’ve got the thin rice noodles
Added an egg
There’s juicy pork bits
There’s innards
There’s liver
Look at that
I got some liver in there
That is flavorful
It’s all about the soup
That looks insane
Any trip to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete without tasting the local Malay Nasi Dagang traders rice
Rice cooked with coconut milk, shallots, lemongrass, and fenugreek seeds
Makes its incredibly fragrant and creamy
It’s served with some mandatory cucumber pickles and tuna curry
Cooked not in the Indian style, but in the Malay style
Made with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, chili paste and turmeric
It’s insanely delicious
Nasi Dagang with the fish
You can choose with the beef or chicken
Chicken please
This one is spicy
Yeah that would be good
One Nasi da gang
Nasi Dagang
Wow beautiful
One fish?
Yes please
This is Nasi Minyak
Oh, beauty
Thank you so much
This is tuna
Yes, tuna
And, look at all the chilies
Lots of chili
Thank you very much
Thank you so much
So we have a big Nasi Dagang traders rice feast here today
Coconut rice
Just look at how fragrant it is
And this is like a tuna curry here
With all these fresh chilies
And then over here
This is a chicken with sambal
And we’re going to have to put some on the rice
Look at that!
Get a little extra sambal on there
In that fragrant rice with coconut milk
Oh thank you
Beef kurma with potatoes
Very nice
Wow this is really good
The coconut rice is very fragrant
Thank you
The next dish is an irresistible dish found all throughout Malaysia that you need to try
Bak Kut Teh
The name literally translates from Hokkien
As meat bone tea
And consists of meaty pork ribs
Simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices
Like star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, and garlic
The most famous bak kut teh is in Klang
About an hour outside of KL
But we decided to go to Puchong instead
To try their unique dry version
Wow that smells insane
There is organs
There is intestine
There is fatty pork
And it’s the most fragrant, herbal
Look at that
That smells amazing
Just look how deep the fatty pork goes
Now we’ve got two coconuts
Bak Out Teh is best dipped into a garlic chili soy sauce
You first take the fatty meat, dip it in
And then it just melts into your mouth like heaven
Just put it on the rice
That looks
Look at that
Let’s try it out
It’s like herbally
It tastes like Chinese medicine with cinnamon and star anise
Let’s try the dry version
For our final meal and for the one meal that I always miss when I leave Malaysia
We went to go have roti canai and teh Tarik
Hand pulled tea
This is Malaysian style hand made flatbread
Served with a variety of curries to dip it in
It’s served throughout Malaysia
Commonly in 24 hour Mamak restaurants run by Muslim Indians
This is pure guilty pleasure
Roti Pisang
Thank you very much
This is what it’s all about in Malaysia
Roti Pisang
Let’s just get in there while we are waiting for our teh Tarik
Use your hands
Dip it in
You gotta dip it
It’s like dipping a sweet, crispy banana roti bread
Into a really nice and spicy pungent curry
Alright so thank you so much for watching our food and travel videos
We have had an insane time here in Malaysia
So much food
Unbelievably delicious
It’s amazing
So please click that like button
Leave a comment down below
And subscribe if you haven’t already
Thanks so much for watching guys
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Malaysian Street Food Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | HUGE Chinese, Indian and Malay Food JOURNEY!

477 Folder Collection
瑞恆佘 published on March 29, 2017
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