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  • Hey everyone, this is Mark Wiens with eating Thai food dot com.

  • I'm at one of my favorite Thai street food neighborhoods in Bangkok, Thailand, Ramkhamhaeng

  • Soi 29 and I'm heading to a tasty restaurant just down the road, going to grab some Isaan

  • style Thai food.

  • One of the most important things about ordering a Thai meal is to get a well rounded combination

  • of flavors and tastes. So my meal has just arrived and I'm going to show you guys exactly

  • what I ordered and how you can also order it that way.

  • This dish is called som tam thai prik ha met, green papaya salad with five chillies. It's

  • crisp, it's a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, it has a nice chili kick to it.

  • Another dish I ordered is a smoked catfish salad known as larb pla duk, this is one of

  • my favorite dishes actually, I eat it almost everyday.

  • And then I ordered up a pork dish known as nam tok moo. It normally comes with a lot

  • of fat mixed in, but I'm not big on the fat, so I ordered it mai man, which means no fat,

  • it's like a grilled pork salad, it's fantastic.

  • Then I ordered something called yam ruam mit talay, it's like a clear mung bean noodle

  • salad.

  • Lastly to round out this meal, I've ordered tom saap sekong moo, a sour Isaan soup made

  • with pork ribs to make it extra flavorful. Wonderful!

  • To accompany all of this food it's most typical to order something known as khao neow, sticky

  • rice. So you grab a piece of sticky rice and what you want to do is flavor it with the

  • different sauces from the dishes, so I'll dip it in the som tam first, it flavors it

  • wonderfully.

  • If you love Thai food and you want to take your eating to the next level, be sure to

  • grab a copy of the Eating Thai Food Guide, it includes hundreds of different Thai dishes,

  • delicious Thai dishes, and it shows you instructions on how to order them exactly how you want

  • them and even where to get them. So be sure to click the link below, grab a copy of the

  • Eating Thai Food Guide and start taking advantage of the awesome Thai food available in Bangkok

  • and throughout the country.

  • So all the remains of the feast are a few fish bones, I'm stuffed and very happy. OK,

  • so that two hundred and forty baht for this whole meal.

  • So anyway, grab a copy of the Eating Thai Food Guide, I know you're going to love it,

  • it's full of all kinds of delicious Thai food and you're going to learn how to order Thai

  • food exactly the way you want it.

  • That's it for me today, make sure you have the best Thai food experience you can have!

Hey everyone, this is Mark Wiens with eating Thai food dot com.

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