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  • Myself and my daughter have come out to

  • Whitecross street in central London.

  • It is freezing so we'll find some nice warm food, we'll shoot that.

  • I've just seen some lovely desserts we'll shoot those.

  • I'm just going to show you really what to do in a very small space of time out in the big wide world.

  • Okay, look how bad this little spot is.

  • You'd never think you could get a nice

  • food photo out of this area

  • So I've got my trusty camera bag here

  • Not only do I have my camera, maybe two lenses

  • It just has a little selection of bits and bobs

  • So we've got obviously blunt knives,

  • little forks, little take away forks

  • a spare pair of chopsticks

  • I carry, I tend to carry a piece of wood

  • This seems quite mad and I change

  • it all the time, I have a little piece of white wood

  • might paint a little border myself on it.

  • Napkin, very handy

  • I sometimes even carry a coffee cup

  • Lovely curries.

  • What we need to do really is make a little story.

  • Say we imagine ourselves

  • doing this for the magazine

  • I mean look, that would be great, you can see the sausage sizzling . Here's the curry set up. Do you think that curry there would shoot well?

  • We'd love one of your curries

  • Are you going to share, or would you like one each?

  • I think if we can order two, that would be fantastic.

  • If we could have them nice and delicately bit by bit

  • Can i take your photograph as you do it, would you mind?

  • Thank you, how much do we owe you?

  • Thank you very much. Bye!

  • One thing I find with taking food shots of people, is

  • never catch them eating

  • Catch them going to eat,

  • never catch them eating because,

  • all you see is

  • Little bit of curry,

  • I'm not really a big fan of plastic spoons

  • So, little spoon

  • and look, it's a little

  • street food story really.

  • If we go back to the plastic spoon

  • we can even take a little spoon out

  • maybe Pascal, you're telling a story. This is warm food, brought on the street. Have you shot it? Yeah I've shot it. That's beautiful.

  • The colors are amazing

Myself and my daughter have come out to

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Street Food Photography with David Loftus - Kit

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    Chihyu Lin posted on 2013/09/25
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