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Weird, it's been 10 minutes
since Justin said he'd be here in 10 minutes.
Maybe he's just running late.
You know, he does that, he loses track of time.
He does that quite a lot.
Wait, did he say, be there in 10 or at 10?
It's eight right now, am I two hours early?
Or did he mean 10 AM because in that case
I'm 14 hours early, or 10 hours late.
No, that's ridiculous, he's coming.
Unless something bad happened to him.
What if he choked on a cashew?
You know that's his favorite nut.
He probably threw one up in the air, and gosh.
He was my best friend.
I'm gonna miss him so, so much.
Unless he met someone and fell in love.
In that case, good for you.
Maybe you just forgot about your good old best friend,
'cause you're spending too much time being in love.
Maybe he just booked tickets to take his new lover
to a sexy get away to Havana, Cuba.
He knows that I've been wanting to go to Havana
ever since we both watched Dirty Dancing Two, Havana Nights.
Or maybe this is The Truman Show.
You know the 1998 cult classic about Jim Carey
being the star of a reality show without even knowing it?
Living a life of lies where everyone surrounded around him is an actor?
Justin's probably late because he's too busy practicing his lines.
I'm your friend.
Zack, I'm your friend.
I mean look at the people here in this bar.
Look at this bartender.
She's not real.
She's completely doing everything wrong.
She's totally an actress.
Hey, I'm onto you, I know you're an actor.
Uh, so is everyone else in LA.
You're right.
Or maybe he has short term memory loss
and he's been trying to hide it from me
for the past couple of years.
Every 20 minutes he has to look at a series of pictures
with titles on them to remind him who his real friends are.
Maybe he lost the picture with me on it,
and now I'm just a nobody to him.
(cell phone alerts)
Oh, traffic, traffic of course.
He's in traffic.
My friend's in traffic, I'm not here alone.
Don't worry, he's in traffic.
How's the whole acting thing going?
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7541 Folder Collection
Shirley Huang published on July 3, 2016    Shirley Huang translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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