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Hey, did you get my text?
Oh, no. I think my phone is on silent.
Oh, okay. (cell phone rings)
I'm sorry, one second.
- Hello? - Really, Allison?
Hey Allison, do you want to get drinks after work today?
I would, I'm just not feeling well.
Mom, I'm eating healthy!
It's a kale chip, you should try it.
Allison, those reports were due an hour ago.
You didn't get my email?
That's so weird cause I sent you an email with the reports so, I guess I'll go back;
I'll resend the email and wait for it to upload again.
'cause I already sent it, so.
Oh can I have a piece? Yeah, sure.
Chew or chew not. There is no try.
You haven't seen Star Wars?
Oh, of course I've seen Star Wars.
The gum scene!
Sorry I'm late, there was just so much traffic.
Whoa! That is a sparkly shirt.
I love it.
Hey, I love your outfit today.
Oh, this old thing? I just threw it on.
It's super cute.
Oh, hey, you forgot to take the price tag off that.
Oh, must've been on there forever.
Yeah, I mean I think it might be TB.
Don't worry, I think it's the early stages.
Also, there's a lot of fungus that people don't know about.
Lice is always a concern of mine.
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8 Little Lies You've Probably Told

145779 Folder Collection
Derek published on September 13, 2017    Derek translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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