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Say goodnight, Hobbs. Bomb!
Elena, got you!
Hobbs, my legs are broken.
The fires ran to the car. I can't...
Let's ride, family. Yeah,baby!
Oh shit! We're at the mercy of the wind.
Release! Release!
Fuck! I miss the road.
Where you are, family?
Ok, we got to regroup fami....
You gonna have to jump!
I can't see!
You keep working on the security system.
I'll hold off undefeated UFC champion Ronda Rousey.
Be careful. Don't worry, I'm a mechanic.
Once we jump to that other skyscraper.
We roll out! Got it? As a family.
Roll out, family...
Listen up, family. I'm gonna to escape out in adverse. Brush past the enemy helicopter in midair.
Extract this bag of grenades to his leg.
Then you shoot the bag when I land safely cross the street. Got it? Got it!
Shit! I can't accelerate as fast as the collapse of the building.
Shit! I survived the collapse, but the brick knock the pin out of the grenades!
Maybe I can put it back...
Shit! I survived that, but the explosion lead the attention of the helicopter.
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If Furious 7's Stunts Were Realistic

16483 Folder Collection
Derrick Chen published on May 29, 2015    Derrick Chen translated    王妍心 reviewed
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