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JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, what's up guys?
It's Jacob.
CARLY: And Carly.
JACOB SOBOROFF: Today we are taking you
to some of the weirdest places in the United
States of America.
CARLY: Road trip!
CARLY: Yeah, beep beep.
JACOB SOBOROFF: If Stonehenge is too far away for you
and you live in the United States,
you are in luck because Carhenge is a place in Nebraska that
looks like Stonehenge, but it's made out of cars.
JACOB SOBOROFF: Whoa, that does look really cool.
CARLY: That's really cool.
JACOB SOBOROFF: These are all vintage American automobiles
that are spray painted grey to represent the stones
of Stonehenge.
-This is pretty incredible, actually.
I'm very glad I stopped.
It's for sale?
CARLY: This could be yours.
JACOB SOBOROFF: Forget about the rest of the show.
I'm going to Carhenge.
CARLY: Yeah, in your bumbling old 1920s car
that you keep driving.
Jacob, we're going somewhere a bit trippier.
We're going to Salvation Mountain with folk artist
Leonard Knight.
-As you walk up here, you can see the waterfalls
more clearly.
CARLY: He used adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint
to personalize it with religious murals
and technicolor Bible verses.
JACOB SOBOROFF: I think I need to be
saved from Salvation Mountain.
To be honest with you, I'm not sure I'm going to make it.
-I pulled all these sticks out in the desert.
Nine years, with my little Toyota car mostly.
This here is the Truck Tire Tree full of adobe.
Ten car tires.
CARLY: Like a crazy Dr. Seuss meets the Bible adventure.
JACOB SOBOROFF: A for effort.
A for effort.
He had a dream, and he made it happen.
JACOB SOBOROFF: A for effort, C for creepy.
ALEX: Earnest, have you ever been to the Integratron?
EARNEST: No, I've never been anywhere in California.
ALEX: I will take you to see the Integratron because it
is one of the greatest things you'll find in the desert.
George Van Tassel made the Integratron.
And supposedly, it's acoustically perfect.
EARNEST: You know what what else is acoustically perfect?
Jason Mraz's voice.
-I feel like when I get to the middle,
I have to put my hand down because I feel like I could
either get sucked up into space, or I could fall down to--
ALEX: Telepathic aliens told him to make it.
That's the first thing.
And then he said it's kind of based off
of a tabernacle and Tesla.
According to Van Tassel, the dome
is an electrostatic rejuvenator and time travel machine.
EARNEST: That sounds awesome.
ALEX: Yeah.
So you can go here.
You may never come back.
EARNEST: What's the craziest place
that you've ever heard of in Florida?
ALEX: All of Florida.
EARNEST: What if I told you there
was a town full of freaks, carnies, and circus performers?
ALEX: Not surprised.
EARNEST: This place is Gibsonton, Florida.
And it is basically a retirement community
for circus performers.
-If you would go in there any night,
and you're liable to see three or four fat people,
a couple of giants, maybe some midgets,
dwarfs, Emmett, the alligator-skinned man,
Bill Durks, who had three eyes and two noses,
and they would be there.
This was the hangout.
EARNEST: Over the years, this place
has been home to Percilla the monkey girl,
and even the Lobster Boy.
ALEX: What if there's a freak accident?
EARNEST: Every accident is a freak accident.
MILES: Lizzie, how long have you lived in LA?
LIZZIE: Three years.
MILES: Have you ever seen the Watts Towers?
LIZZIE: I have not.
MILES: Shame on you.
The Watts towers, built by a guy named Sabato Rodia, AKA Simon.
He built this in his own backyard, bit by bit.
Cement, steel, rebar, glass, chicken wire.
Where is he getting all this material?
LIZZIE: Neighborhood kids brought
him garbage to put in these towers.
That's what it is.
It's kids going through dumpsters and being like,
here, sir, have some broken glass.
Which I think you could only do in the '20s
and have it be totally cool.
-He wasn't an engineer, but he had a really good sense
for how things work.
And he made very strong structures
that have withstood moderate earthquakes and winds.
MILES: This team of engineers from UCLA
was coming to go check it out, assess it, and see what they
can do to help keep the towers strong.
He spent over 30 years from 1921 to 1955
building this as a tribute to his adopted country of America.
LIZZIE: So he built a lot of this during the Depression.
MILES: Yeah, here's the kicker.
He didn't even use scaffolding to build these towers.
He was just doing it bit by bit.
LIZZIE: What was he doing?
Just climbing?
MILES: Yeah, like a maniac.
LIZZIE: They're beautiful.
Good job.
LIZZIE: I feel certain you've heard of the Playboy Mansion
I'm sure you also know Danny MacAskill, famous mountain
He recently took a tour of the Playboy Mansion on his bike,
because how else do you do that?
MILES: I always worry about the Grotto.
How many germs are in that pool?
LIZZIE: A lot.
LIZZIE: It's located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.
There's a gymnasium, there's a movie studio.
It's actually one of the few properties
in the country that has a zoo license.
They have 50 species of birds all on the property.
MILES: It's like an iconic piece of Americana, though.
Regardless of how you may feel about it,
everyone kind of wants to go see the Playboy Mansion.
LIZZIE: I want to go see it.
I didn't know there was a zoo.
JACOB SOBOROFF: All right, my favorite time again.
We're going to answer some of your comments and questions.
Luke Barnard asks,
"Earnest, what's your favorite episode you've ever done?"
Hey, Earnest!
EARNEST: The Star Wars episode.
It was the first of the big specials that we did.
And it was also the first time I ever
felt just comfortable being on camera.
JACOB SOBOROFF: You have so much to learn, young padawan.
CARLY: You sweet little man.
DomoAtTheArcade wants to know, Where's Alex?
He's probably shaving his beard."
ALEX: This is what you want, Domo?
This is what you want?
I miss my beard.
JACOB SOBOROFF: And finally, Michael Gazdecki
declares, "There's nothing like having
your hands inside a warm chicken." [SINGING]
Nothing like having a dirty chicken on my hand at work.
CARLY: Bawk, bawk!
JACOB SOBOROFF: That's it for today, guys.
Keep the comments coming.
CARLY: We have so much fun answering them.
JACOB SOBOROFF: Now play us out.
TOGETHER: Klaxons!
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6 of the CRAZIEST Places in AMERICA!

13510 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on November 21, 2014    Ted Kuo translated    CUChou reviewed
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