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  • This year's holiday season is almost done.

  • And invariably, the new year, after the new year, so many folks experiencing a little bit of depression.

  • Our Brooke Katz has a look at some ways you can keep spirits up.

  • The post-holiday blues are real.

  • The holidays are something that we tend to really look forward to and make a lot of plans, and hopefully there's a lot of joy surrounding them.

  • And then we come on the other side of it, it can feel like a let down.

  • Dr. Kenleigh McMinn is a clinical psychologist with BaylorScott&White.

  • She says it's something adults and kids alike can feel; back to work, back to school, back to normal.

  • So how do we, then, kind of find that joy again once the holidays are over?

  • I think something that's important is just making sure you continue to have plans that you make that you are looking forward to, whether that's just taking a little bit at a time, so you know, after Christmas, looking forward to New Years.

  • Or that something that you try to have just maybe on a semi-regular basis like every month, every other month.

  • Dr. McMinn says it doesn't have to be anything extravagant like a vacation. It can be as simple as self-care.

  • Whether that's taking some time, like just have alone time, whether that's on your commute home that you listen to a favorite podcast or favorite music. If that's going in, having a date night with a loved one on a regular basis.

  • Whether that's exercise, cooking, engaing in hobbies, they're going to be lots of differnt things, so there's really no right way to do it.

  • It's just finding what works for you and wanting something that is feasible to actually implement into your routine so that you can do it regularly.

  • And she says do not neglect your health.

  • A lot of times our food and drink intake changes around the holidays, so we kind of hit the reset button there.

  • Making sure we're staying active, getting enough sleep, all of those things.

  • It's Brooke Katz, CBS 11 News.

  • It's fair to say it's been tough for a lot of folks.

  • Some more advice from Psychology Today include:

  • get out of the house, get some exerciese,

  • look forward, not backwords.

  • It doesn't have to be a giant goal, something as simple as things you'd like to have happen in the new year, and make a plan and get it done.

This year's holiday season is almost done.

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