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Alright Fitlifers, it's another Mindset Monday and today we're talking about Peer Pressure.
What is Peer pressure? Peer pressure is when you go out to the kitchen and get your veggiesout of the fridge.
All of a sudden you're going to make that green juice and somebody
comes up to you and says 'wow, you're juicing again, what are you doing? You lose all the
fiber, all these other things, juicing isn't that good for you, you have already lost that much weight.
Why do you keep persisting? All these voices from the outside world, infringe onyour ability to be who you are.
You have to get rid of the mentality of listening to
what other people think about you and tap into your own greatness. Alright, so I'm going
to give you three tools today that are going to change your life for good, here we go.
Step number one is how to create a vision board, step number two is surrounding yourself
with positive people and step number three, joining the community to help you step number
three, so let's get on with this. Step number one a vision board, well what is it, (can
we get a picture right here), a vision board is this digital creation you can put it on
your computer, you can put it on a little post-it note with all the pictures that you
want to create in your life. You got your house, you got your car, you got your health,
you got your relationship, you got your spiritual, you got your emotional life, you got money
on the vision board, whatever it is, whatever you see in your life, that's what you're going
to create. You look at this thing every day, I look at mine twice a day. In the morning
and at night I have this vision board. it's an amazing thing. We've done videos on vision
board in the past, we'll leave the link below this video if you want to check that out.
Number two is surrounding yourself with supportive successful people. People say that you're
the average of your five best friends, FitLifer, five not ten, you're the average of your five
best friends FitLifer, and that's so true. If I could go back ten years in time when
I was twenty-one years old, I would talk to myself and I'll say, 'you know what Drew? Surround
yourself with positive, successful, open-minded, expansive, unlimited people because that's
what you're going to become' and if I really apply that to my life which I would like to
think that I did through a certain extent, and I'll completely change my life and it'll
change yours. So start to look at who your five best friends are, list them all out,
look at the qualities that they have. See what it is that you like about them and I
guarantee you that you're the average of your five best friends. Step number three is join
a supportive community and that's where we come in FitLifer. See! You're watching this
video right now. You see this every week, maybe you're inspired by one of them, maybe
it was one in the past. You're back again. Maybe it's your first video that you've seen
me up here talking about this. Well we're supportive, we love supporting people, we
love your transformation, we love what you're all about, and we would absolutely love for
you to be a part of our community. Watch these videos, leave comments, we give out a book
every single week in these Mindset Mondays and on Saturday Strategy we give out a juicer
just for you being awesome. So, recap number one is the beautiful vision board, get a vision
board created. I'm going to give you two weeks to do it. Don't worry, I'm not going to go
up to you and look in your windows and make sure that it's done but I'm going to hold
you accountable and ask you about that in the future. Step number two is surrounding
yourself with positive people. You want to surround yourself with positive people all
of the time and again you are the average of your five best friends, say it with me,
you really are the average of your five best friends. Step number three is joining the
community of supportive people. We do have a membership site FitLifer, so if you're interested
in joining the community, it's a small monthly investment. We have over a thousand people,
a thousand juicers, a thousand enlightened people, a thousand people that want to take
their life to the next level. if you're interested in that, it's a small investment to transform
your life FitLifers. So that's what it's all about, so those are the three things. Alright,
so who won the book last week? Well GlamVintageSoul! Congratulations, the book is coming out to
you, "Outwitting the Devil" baby! By Napoleon Hill, one of my favorite books. It's going
to help you deal with peer pressure like no one else has, it's coming to you Glam. Again,
to win the book next week, real simple and easy. All you need to do is make a comment
below this video, let us know what you will take away is of this Mindset Monday and
we could pick you, alright? So I'm Drew Canole, I'm looking forward to your transformation.
Remember we're in this together and I'll see you next week.
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What is peer pressure? - The best way to handle it!

25534 Folder Collection
江潔 published on January 13, 2015    游凱閎 translated    Eating reviewed
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