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  • Sun Yee, revered ancestor, guardian of the red pandas.

  • We humbly thank you for protecting and guiding

  • us, especially Mei Mei.

  • May we continue to serve and honor you

  • and this community, always.


  • You ready?

  • Let's do this.

  • I know I didn't deserve to win.

  • How you treat people comes back around.

  • Remember that.

  • I'm really sorry.

  • I figure you want to start practicing for next year.

  • Thank you.

  • But wait, who's going to be your coach?

  • It's you.

  • It has to be you.

  • Me?

  • I have never even played hockey.

  • You can do anything, Mom.

  • Come here.

  • Tell me you're OK.

  • We're fine.

  • We're OK.

  • Oh, good.

  • Then what were you two knuckleheads thinking?

  • For 10 years, I have done the best I could to raise you.

  • Have I been perfect?

  • No.

  • Do I know anything about children?

  • No.

  • Should I have picked up a book on parenting?

  • Probably.

  • Where was I going with this?

  • I had a point.

  • Sorry.

  • We love you, Aunt Cass.

  • Well, I love you, too!

  • I just wanted to come down here

  • to tell you that I love you, and I support you unconditionally.

  • Thanks, Mom.

  • Everyone fails at who they're supposed to be, Thor.

  • The measure of a person, of a hero,

  • is how well they succeed at being who they are.

  • I really missed you, Mom.

  • I didn't give birth to you.

  • But from the first moment that I held you,

  • I knew that you were my daughter.

  • Baby.

  • I wish you could see yourself the way I do.

  • You are perfect... just like this.

  • You're just as special as anyone else in this family.

  • Mmm-hmm... You just healed my hand with an arepa con queso.

  • I healed your hand with love for my daughter,

  • with her wonderful brain, big heart--

  • Stop.

  • Cool glasses.

  • Mama.


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Heartwarming Moments with Disney+ Moms and Mother Figures

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