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  • I’m a

  • huge fan of least, classic Disney. And I’m a huge fan of Disney video games,

  • least, classic Disney games. From Chip ‘n Dale and DuckTales to Epic Mickey

  • and Castle of Illusion, Disney characters translate beautifully to video games when

  • theyre done right.

  • The thing is...not all Disney video games fall into that category. There’s another

  • category, too...the obvious category ofoh, it’s just a crappy licensed game.”

  • But the interesting thing about this particular Disney that it doesn’t fit into

  • either category. I mean, you don’t even need to play Disney Princess: My Fairytale

  • Adventure to see that it’s obviously not one of those Disney classics.

  • But I wouldn’t call it a crappy licensed game, either.

  • I guess the key question here is, “Are you a six-year-old girl?” Because if you are,

  • youre probably very happy to hear this and I appreciate you watching. Although you

  • probably shouldn’t be. I say awful things sometimes. Everyone else is probably like,

  • Derek, come actually like this crap?”

  • Uh, yeah. I do. It’s a perfectly fine kids game that lets me create my own Disney princess.

  • If you don’t want to create a Disney princess, youre a godd*mn liar.

  • After you create that princess, you take her on a delightful journey through various Disney

  • worlds. You get to interact with Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and

  • the Beast and all the whole lovely crew. They all have these problems, which they ask you

  • to help them solve.

  • I’d help Ariel with plenty of things.

  • So the premise is fabulous, the game looks beautiful...the problem is its a kids game.

  • Which means the gameplay doesn’t exactly hold up its end of the bargain. It’s a basic

  • recipe of simple platforming, lots of fetch quests, zap the evil fairies. The game never

  • really switches gears, but again, that’s understandable given the audience.

  • The customization is nice, but it’s actually pretty clunky in practice. In fact, the game

  • generally feels clunky at times. You can’t just check out a dressif you pick one,

  • the game automatically slaps it on you and moves on. To continue, press B...not A.

  • You know, like every other game ever.

  • Listen, I’m not a six-year-old girl. But we do have some common interests. I prefer

  • milk with my cookies, I’m not afraid to wear pink and yes, I cried when Belle danced

  • with the beast. She looked stunning. This game isn’t stunning. But it’s not a bad

  • dress for a six-year-old girl.

I’m a

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CGRundertow DISNEY PRINCESS: MY FAIRYTALE ADVENTURE for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/05/27
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