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  • [Managing stress.]

  • Watch this: one little piece of paper can have a remarkable effect.

  • Stress is stressful. [Job interview]

  • But if you understand a bit about what it is, you'll be better able to deal with it.

  • First, though, take a few deep breaths.

  • In fact, do that anytime you feel stressedit helps.

  • Stress is a survival mechanism.

  • When danger appears, it can get you out of trouble quickly.

  • Your body crashes up the gears and throws all its resources into getting you moving.

  • Your heart pumps furiously to increase blood pressure.

  • Glucose is sent to the muscles as a fuel injection, and you become totally focused on what psychologists call "fight-or-flight."

  • Thing is, this emergency state is only meant to last just long enough to get you out of danger.

  • -But here in the 21st century we stress about different things and for much, much longer. -[Where did I put my wallet? Did I lock the front door? Exams next week!!!]

  • Your brain and body stay on red alert, and you'll be less able to think clearly, learn or remember things.

  • Take a few more deep breaths.

  • Because as you now know stress is a physical reaction, and deep breathing helps to counteract its effects

  • So, what else can you do?

  • Okay, top tips to reduce stressfirst, get plenty of exercise.

  • Let out all that locked up energy.

  • Now back to the problemget in control.

  • Scope out the situation and how you're going to tackle it.

  • Don't stress alonetalk to someone.

  • Socialize and have a laugh.

  • You can't laugh and quake with fear at the same time.

  • Get down with nature on a big or small scale.

  • And if your mind won't stop worrying, get something else to do instead.

[Managing stress.]

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