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  • - Hi! - Hello.

  • My name is Alex.

  • It's a nice car! Is it your car?

  • No, it's my brother's car.

  • Nice.

  • - I'm Christine. - Hi. I'm Leona.

  • My name is Al Chang. I'll be your driving instructor for today.

  • -Ready? -Yes, just go to one.

  • Hand brake, hand brake first. Okay.

  • Oh no

  • Release the ...It's fine, but... it's fine. Yeah we can do it.

  • Don't be scared. Don't be scared

  • Be careful. Be on this line! Be on this line!

  • No. No. No. Don't go this... to this line. Just stay there.

  • Go. Go.

  • Go faster.

  • Okay, okay.

  • Well we go to left, so... I said left, not right.

  • It's not ringing!

  • -...get it? -No.

  • I think I need to write this more.

  • Stop stop stop stop stop...

  • Wait wait wait wait wait...

  • Okay just be relaxed, okay?

  • Okay, you know now? I think you need to go back to practice more.

  • Give me one more time. I try.

  • You almost hit the people!

  • Stop the f**** car!

  • I parked inside!

  • You almost killed me!

  • You like that?

  • Alright guys. Thanks for watching.

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  • And remember, (INAUDIBLE) Maxman TV.

  • See you next time. Peace! Let's go!

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