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- Hi! - Hello.
My name is Alex.
It's a nice car! Is it your car?
No, it's my brother's car.
- I'm Christine. - Hi. I'm Leona.
My name is Al Chang. I'll be your driving instructor for today.
-Ready? -Yes, just go to one.
Hand brake, hand brake first. Okay.
Oh no
Release the ...It's fine, but... it's fine. Yeah we can do it.
Don't be scared. Don't be scared
Be careful. Be on this line! Be on this line!
No. No. No. Don't go this... to this line. Just stay there.
Go. Go.
Go faster.
Okay, okay.
Well we go to left, so... I said left, not right.
It's not ringing!
-...get it? -No.
I think I need to write this more.
Stop stop stop stop stop...
Wait wait wait wait wait...
Okay just be relaxed, okay?
Okay, you know now? I think you need to go back to practice more.
Give me one more time. I try.
You almost hit the people!
Stop the f**** car!
I parked inside!
You almost killed me!
You like that?
Alright guys. Thanks for watching.
If you wanna see more videos, check out Maxman tv on Youtube.
If you wanna know more about Leona, check out Leona online
And remember, (INAUDIBLE) Maxman TV.
See you next time. Peace! Let's go!
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Fast & Furious Nerd Shocks Instructors

11951 Folder Collection
Lily Chou published on April 10, 2015    Lily Chou translated    reviewed
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