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-Hi, I'm Erin. -And I'm Jack.
-And today we're gonna-- -DATING TIPS!
Mmmm, let's start with the guys.
First off, don't be yourself.
Be the kind of guy that she wants you to be.
Second, be yourself.
And third, pretend to care.
Girls love that!
Okay, honey. Your turn.
Listen up, ladies.
If his name is Jack, send him back!
Second, make sure he has a real job.
Making YouTube videos doesn't count.
-And third-- -Okay, cool!
I have some more dating tips.
Girls are bitches and don't bother dating them.
There is no number three.
Try to find a guy who showers regularly.
Well, that's it for dating tips!
And make sure he doesn't think second base is Eskimo kissing.
Well, that's it for dating tips!
And doesn't cry in his sleep!
That was one time!
Once is enough.
This is my apartment, actually.
April Fools...heh...heh...heh.
It's not April Fools.
(sad music)
Hey, thanks for watching, but let's get serious for a second.
Today's April 1st, and you know what that means:
It's White History Month.
So go hug a white person today
and tell him, or her, or it, thank you for everything.
Let's start White History Month right this year.
And make sure he doesn't think second base is Eskimo kisses.
How about Eskimo kissing?
Yeah, that's fine.
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4432 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on April 13, 2014    Vee translated
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