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  • -Hi, I'm Erin. -And I'm Jack.

  • -And today we're gonna-- -DATING TIPS!


  • Mmmm, let's start with the guys.

  • First off, don't be yourself.

  • Be the kind of guy that she wants you to be.

  • Second, be yourself.

  • And third, pretend to care.

  • Girls love that!

  • Okay, honey. Your turn.

  • Listen up, ladies.

  • If his name is Jack, send him back!

  • Second, make sure he has a real job.

  • Making YouTube videos doesn't count.

  • -And third-- -Okay, cool!

  • I have some more dating tips.

  • Girls are bitches and don't bother dating them.

  • There is no number three.

  • Try to find a guy who showers regularly.

  • Well, that's it for dating tips!

  • And make sure he doesn't think second base is Eskimo kissing.

  • Well, that's it for dating tips!

  • And doesn't cry in his sleep!

  • That was one time!

  • Once is enough.

  • GET OUT!

  • This is my apartment, actually.

  • April Fools...heh...heh...heh.

  • It's not April Fools.

  • (sad music)

  • Hey, thanks for watching, but let's get serious for a second.

  • Today's April 1st, and you know what that means:

  • It's White History Month.

  • So go hug a white person today

  • and tell him, or her, or it, thank you for everything.

  • Let's start White History Month right this year.

  • M'kay?!

  • Jacksfilms

  • And make sure he doesn't think that second base is Eskimo kisses.

  • [inaudible]

  • How about Eskimo kissing?

  • Yeah, that's fine.

-Hi, I'm Erin. -And I'm Jack.

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