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  • One second, What did you think about the ride?

  • It was great.

  • And apparently,

  • I've never been on live television before...

  • but,

  • Apparently sometimes I don't watch the sh-(show)

  • I don't watch the news.

  • Because I'm a kid and apparently every time

  • apparently Grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Powerball.

  • [Grandfather] The Powerball...

  • Tell me about the ride, what did you think about the ride?

  • ride, it was great

  • Why?

  • Because apparently you're spinning around

  • and apparently every time you get dizzy,

  • -Yeah?-..before all you do is get dizzy...

  • -Is it fun? - Yeah.- Hi!

  • And I've never, ever been on live television.

  • -I never ever be on live television-Are you excited?

  • Yeah and apparently I only went down the super slide.

  • When I went down alone I was scared half to death.

  • I just freak out -Ok, ok...

  • wait,I need his name!

  • Hold on, yep, hold on, I'm just going to ask him, what's his name?

  • Noah.

  • Noah, what's your last name?

  • Deck. Ritter.

  • How do you spell do you spell his last name?

  • Ritter. R-I-T-T-E-R.

  • Ok, where are you guys from?

  • -Wilkes-Barre -Wilkes-Barre! Alright, buddy!

  • Good stuff! Have fun!

  • Apparently usually I'm- I'm from three different towns.

  • All right! -That is, my dad's town.....@#$%^&

One second, What did you think about the ride?

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