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Michelle's husband. Are you there?
I am here.
President Obama, who's been left to fend for himself this week, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres
Show so that wife Michelle could check up on him while she's away.
TV show host Ellen ran down the first lady's list of questions she'd left whilst away visiting
China with the couple's daughters.
Okay, there's something important I have to do right now. I have a friend named Michelle,
and she's out of town this week and she had to leave her husband alone and she wasn't
sure how he was going to handle being alone.
Appearing via video link, Obama admitted to forgetting to making his bed that morning
and leaving socks and shoes all over the house.
She wanted to know. Did you make your bed this morning?
Uh... That would be no. And when she's out of town, things get a little slovenly around
the house. Socks everywhere, shoes.
The messy president did confirm, however, that he was still eating healthily - well,
that is if you don't count the crisps after the carrot sticks.
Have you eaten today, and you taking care of yourself? Did you exercise?
I did exercise. I did eat, and I ate healthy and I had some carrot sticks along with the
potato chips.
And when Ellen broke the news that she had broken his record of the most re-tweets for
that Oscars selfie, Obama was having none of it.
I don't know if you know this, but I was aiming to break your record of retweets and I apologise
for doing it, but I broke your retweet record.
Obama later shared the plan he and his wife have hatched if either of their daughters
decide to get tattoos - to get matching ones and post a family selfie on Twitter.
We will reduce the cool factor of any tattoo. Michelle and I will be right there, and we'll
post it so that everybody will be able to see it and we'll say we all got matching tattoos.
I suspect that'll be a pretty good deterrent for both Malia and Sasha.
How embarrassing.
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Barack Obama jokes about losing Twitter record to Ellen Degeneres

63086 Folder Collection
miffy published on October 6, 2014    Elly Peng translated    彭彥婷 reviewed
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