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you know is driven at pool from the beginning
this compulsion to take incredibly powerful technology
and make it accessible relevant
and ultimately personal G
we've designed a range of products so personal
you don't put them on your desk or in your pocket you wear them
on your list we conceived
designed and developed ample watch as a completely single a product
you know you can't determine a boundary between the physical object
and the software %uh we're introducing
an unparalleled level of technical innovation
combined with a design that connects with the wearer
at an intimate level to both embrace individuality
and inspired design
the watch sensei's that you're raising your wrist
and then activates the display you see
an organization %uh vamps the world news he's somehow familiar
navigation he's fluid and vital
magnifying content
on a small display is fundamentally important
so we've developed a whole new interface
specific to the challenges associated
with the product this small the digital crown
is a remarkable input device if fluidly zooms into aP's
King it enables nimble
precise adjustment uncritically
you can use it without obstructing the display
it's also the home button
and in
absent designed for lightweight interaction
smart replies and dictation
let you respond quickly to messages glances
let you swipe through information efficient p
and pressing the button below the digital crown instantly shows your
you can contact in just seconds and with digital touch
we've developed an entirely new way for you to connect intimately with others
you can get someone's attention with a gentle tap
you can send a quick sketch me
are you can even share something as a personal as your own heartbeat
I'll these are
subtle ways to communicate the technology
often inhibits rather than enables I'll
load the zaps
all take advantage if the flexible Retina Display
theme it's been laminated to machine m2m polished
single-crystal have some fun that's the second hardest transparent material
after diamond in addition to the digital crown
we've had to invent other input technologies
designed specifically for a product this small so as well licence in touch
the display also senses force
quite literally adding a new dimension to the user interface
tiny electrodes around the display
recognize the difference between a tent
and oppress home this provides
instant access to a whole range of context to be specific controls
for the first time the and we've great intention
we've designed not only what you see but also what you hear
infield we've developed
linear actuator the provides haptic feedback
to complement your interactions this tactic in gym
combined with you with your feedback from our water resistance being
creates a discrete nuanced experienced
the balm
the hard to the watch is a custom-designed ship
that integrates many subsystems into one remarkably compact module
which is then completely encapsulated to protect electronics
it's essentially miniaturize an entire computer system
onto a single chip the soco near panic
has four safire lenses infrared and visible light LED's
along with photos senses detect to a pulse rate
using its gyroscope and accelerometer and the GPS and WiFi from your iPhone
to watch provides a comprehensive picture love your daily activity
this allows it
to establish in suggest goals and ruled fitness milestones
the bank crystal also houses a unique charging solutions
the combines on Mac safe technology with inductive charging
completely sealed it requires no alignment
or expose contacts well
Apple will tease incredibly accurate
it uses multiple technologies keeping time to plus or minus
50 milliseconds we have worked closely
with horological experts from around the world
to help us understand the cultural
and historical significance of timekeeping think
and this has profoundly informed our Design
I'll we know who
the wearing something all day every day
becomes as much about personal preference and self-expression
as functionality so we design
arranger watch faces
you can personalize both their appearance
and the capability personalization
extends way beyond the interface
%uh we have designed six different straps
and a mechanism that makes the straps easily interchangeable
with the refinement imprecision the Spooner functionality
the spool
band in a ranger bold colors
is made from a tough durable swept in chemical resistant
high-performance her last a month the lead the loop
comes in a soft quilted leather the conceals magnets for fastening
and adjustment and we've used traditional leather
but in a new sports context that's designed for optimum comfort
the supple handcrafted let the modern buckle
closes with a solid middle-class
unwrap symmetrically around the wrist this simple that the classic buckle
references traditional watch for capital
and the stainless steel link bracelet as a slim deployment clasp
that is contained within a 2.6
millimeter band
the Milanese lou his crafty from a fluid flexible
stainless steel mesh with a magnetic closure
that has an elegant simplicity and is infinitely adjustable
because Queen you
one size wouldn't for everyone so we've also developed
a smaller one inch with matching small the straps
from different cases & straps
we've actually created three distinct collections
the first Apple watch
features a polished case made from a custom alloy
stainless steel
the sport collection has an ion-exchange cover glass
and anodised aluminium case the sixty percent stronger
the standard alloys and yet its incredibly light and durable
at what tradition
is made from 18-karat gold the comet allergists
have developed to be up to twice as hard the standard gold
creating beautiful objects that are
as simple and pure as they are functional
well that's all he's been our goal Apple
we designed Nepal were large as a whole range of products
enabling millions all unique designs
unparalleled personalization both in appearance
and capability I think
win now had a compelling beginning
actually designing technology
to be warm to be truly personal
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Apple - Apple Watch - Introducing Apple Watch OFFICIAL VIDEO

2993 Folder Collection
Aelian Liu published on September 14, 2014
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