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  • damn it.

  • Damn it, you miscreant.

  • I understand.

  • Oh yeah.

  • The tax man packs, man.

  • Oh, so um is there somewhere else?

  • We could talk about this?

  • Uhh no, we're gonna talk about this right here?

  • Okay, says file that you only paid part of your taxes for last year.

  • That's right.

  • It's like only 78%.

  • she did it on purpose.

  • Yeah.

  • So you must've been expecting an audit.

  • Um I was expecting a fine or a sharp reprimand.

  • A reprimand.

  • This isn't boarding school.

  • MS pascal.

  • You stole from the government?

  • No, I didn't steal from the government.

  • I just didn't pay you entirely MS pascal.

  • You can't just not pay your taxes.

  • Yes, I can can if you want to get audited only if I recognize your right to audit me.

  • Mr Crick.

  • MS pascal.

  • I'm right here auditing you, but now I have to go over your past three years return to make sure that's all.

  • You haven't paid fine.

  • Really?

  • You know, it's not fine.

  • Listen, I'm a big supporter of fixing potholes and erecting swing sets and building shelters.

  • I am more than happy to pay those taxes.

  • I'm just not such a big fan of the percentage that the government uses for national defense, corporate bailouts and campaign discretionary funds.

  • So I didn't pay those taxes.

  • I think actually I sent a letter to that effect.

  • With my return would be the letter that begins.

  • Dear imperialist swine.

  • Huh?

  • Miss Prescott?

  • What you're describing is anarchy.

  • Are you an anarchist?

  • You mean?

  • Am I a member an anarchist group?

  • Yes, anarchists have a group.

  • I believe so, sure they assemble?

  • I don't know.

  • Wouldn't that completely defeat the purpose?

  • It was difficult for Harold to imagine MS pascal as a revolutionary.

  • Her thin arms hoisting protest signs, her long shapely legs dashing from tear gas.

  • Harold wasn't prone to fantasies.

  • And so he tried his best to remain professional but of course failed.

  • He couldn't help but imagine MS pascal stroking the side of his face with the soft blade of her finger.

  • He couldn't help but imagine her immersed in a tub, shaving her legs and he couldn't help but imagine her naked stretched across the track bed.

  • Mr Crick!

  • Yes.

  • What is it?

  • You're staring my tits?

  • Uhh I don't think I was, I don't think I would do that if I was, I can assure you, it was only as a representative of the United States government.

  • Sorry, I'm just having issues today.

  • So, I'll be back on a on Tuesday, Harold suddenly found himself beleaguered and exasperated outside the bakery shut, cursing the heavens in futility.

  • No, I'm not cursing you, you stupid voice shut up and leave me alone.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

damn it.

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