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  • Funny, isn't it? We're frightened of this emotion, which is, in a sense,

  • the seed of our livelihood.

  • Well, today Miles Massey is here to tell you...

  • that love need cause us no fear.

  • Love need cause us no shame.

  • Love is...

  • good.

  • - Love is good. - [Confused Murmuring]

  • I am, of course, aware that these remarks will be received here with cynicism.

  • Cynicism, that cloak that advertises our indifference...

  • and hides all human feeling.

  • Well, I'm here to tell you that that cynicism which we think protects us...

  • in fact destroys.

  • Destroys love, destroys our clients,

  • and, ultimately, destroys ourselves.

  • Colleagues, when our clients come to us confused and angry and hurting...

  • because their flame of love is guttering and threatens to die,

  • do we seek to extinguish that flame so that we can sift...

  • through the smoldering wreckage for our paltry reward,

  • or do we fan this precious flame,

  • this most precious flame, back into loving, roaring life?

  • Do we counsel fear or trust?

  • Do we seek to destroy or build?

  • Do we meet our clients'problems with cynicism...

  • or with love?

  • The choice is, of course, each of ours.

  • For my part, I've made the leap of love, and there's no going back.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last time I will address you...

  • as the president of N.O.M.A. N... or as a member.

  • I intend to devote myself to pro bono work in East Los Angeles...

  • or... one of those other...

  • God bless you all.

Funny, isn't it? We're frightened of this emotion, which is, in a sense,

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