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  • Sure. l'd like to borrow Norville for a while, if you don't mind.

  • Well, frankly, l....

  • You have a very charming wife, Mr.... Sid.

  • So they tell me.

  • Let me shepherd you through some of the introductions here.

  • Try not to talk too much.

  • Some of our biggest stockholders are....

  • Scratch that. Say whatever you like.

  • Shake hands with Sears Braithwaite of Bullard.

  • Glad to know you, Barnes.

  • This is Zebulon Cardozo...

  • of Hudsucker's largest and most loyal stockholders.

  • What's this l hear about you being an imbecile?

  • What's ailing you, boy?

  • Last week, my stock was worth twice what it is now. l think l'll sell...

  • ...the whole kit and caboodle, boy, unless l see a vast improvement.

  • What you've got here, son, is a range war!

  • You gonna have to circle our wagons or l'm gonna get out of your wagon train.

  • No need for concern, sir. lt's only natural...

  • a period of transition for the more timid elements to run for cover.

  • Yellow? l'll show you yellow, boy!

  • You mind now and quit acting like such an old grizzly.

  • Step lively here, Norville.

  • l'm sorry, l thought maybe if l showed him the long view--

  • And this is Thorstensen Finlandson...

  • ...who heads a radical, splinter group of disgruntled investors.

  • Pleased to meet you.

  • lt might interest you to know l studied a little Finnish in high school.

  • l hope l'm not too rusty.

Sure. l'd like to borrow Norville for a while, if you don't mind.

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