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  • Undeniable.

  • Hey. Thanks.

  • MAN: (ON VlDEO GAME) Yo, yo, yo. There go that motherfucker right there.

  • Hey, yo, you thought you was gonna get away with that shit, didn't you?

  • DALTON: How does this game work?

  • You get points for doing dirt, like jacking a car or selling crack.

  • And you lose points if someone jacks your ride or shoots you.

  • Come on, baby.

  • Take that! Take this! What? What? What?

  • Talk shit now! I don't hear you!

  • Eat this! Eat that! Eat this! Eat that!

  • You're gone, baby! You're dead! Bye-bye!

  • DALTON: Jesus!

  • What's the point of this?

  • Like my man 50 says, "Get rich or die tryin'."

  • Yo, you'd get mad points for knocking over the bank.

  • You think that's cool? Hell, yeah. You trying to get paid, too.

  • Finish your slice. l'll take you back to your father.

  • l got to talk to him about this game.

  • ls it good? No doubt.

  • lt's gonna be okay.

  • Cool.

  • You'll be home soon.

  • That's whassup.


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Inside Man (6/11) Movie CLIP - Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (2006) HD

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