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Of course the Super Bowl was last weekend,
and just one thing really surprised me watching it.
I've been reading about how popular the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl has become.
You've heard of the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl.
This thing is huge.
It's a whole puppy version of the Super Bowl for people who don't watch the real thing.
There's a, yeah, there's a moment from it,
- And people seem to love, every year this gets more and more popular. - I love it.
- You love it? - Yeah.
It's great.
Well anyway, I thought we should jump on the puppy band wagon.
You know, if people love it why don't we get in on this thing.
Sure, why not?
So, if you don't want to watch this show we're doing, right at this moment, we have an alternative.
Please enjoy Puppy Conan.
There I am.
There I am.
Andy, what's?
Oh, no.
Andy why are you, what's wrong with you, Andy?
I think Puppy Andy hates his wig as much as I do.
And look, that's as depressed as I always am at rehearsal.
Doesn't it?
Doesn't that look like Puppy Andy and Puppy Conan are having a fight?
You know?
We're not talking to each other.
We're not talking to each other right now.
Oh, come on pal, be my friend, Andy, please.
You're just shy Andy, I didn't realize that you were that shy.
It's that wig.
Well let's take this moment right now to check in with the control room at Puppy Conan.
Let's see what's going on in there.
Oh, that's.....
Director, assistant director, and everything.
Seems to be fine.
And now it's time for Puppy Conan to introduce his special guest tonight, Justin Bieber.
This is exciting!
Let's get Justin Bieber in there.
Oh, look at that.
Very excited.
- Let's come over there. - Yeah.
This is.....
I'm worried about Puppy Andy.
No ones reacting.
What's wrong with Puppy......
And Puppy Conan is just taking off now.
Just let me here.
Let's go see Puppy Conan right here.
Hi, Puppy Conan.
How are you?
I love his set, we should do our show.
We should......
I swear to God, we should do......
Hi, guys.
We should do......
We should do a night of our show from this set.
Won't that be fantastic?
You know what I love,
anybody tuning in right now, they're still having a stroke.
Justin Bieber's bands have become a bow tie.
Alright, we're going to take......
How's Puppy Andy doing?
He is fine.
Puppy Conan come on up here.
Hi, guy.
Hi, how are you?
Look at Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber gets.....
He walks in on the action.
Justin Bieber just popped up between my legs.
Uh, the dog.
- TMZ going to run with that quote. - Yeah.
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Presenting "Puppy Conan" - CONAN on TBS

15313 Folder Collection
Colin Lin published on July 19, 2014    Colin Lin translated    林彥君 reviewed
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