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Hi I'm Catie Wayne and this is Animalist - Squirrel!
So we've all seen the Pixar movie "Up" and if you haven't I don't know what's wrong with you...
We all know the lovable character the dog Doug
with his little translator with the speakers and it's really cute and he's all like I'm Doug and I love you and it's
really cute but now Doug's English translator may become a reality
Scandinavian inventor studio total have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise
ten thousand dollar through their doggie inter communication head set
here's how it works. The head set sits on the dog's head and electroencephalographic
technology records electrical
activity along the scalp. Nailed it! voltage fluctuations caused by ionic
current flow in the brain are then translated by a Raspberry Pi computer via
although every mammal creates thought signals as a swarm of electrical signals dog
signals might
indicate a mental state more than a thought. So while you might learn that
your dog is hungry he might actually be thinking of his new toy.
as of right now this doggie do-Hickey is a work in progress that can only
distinguish two or three thought patterns such as hunger tiredness and
chances are you can already tell when your dog is feeling this way. So the team
is now trying to find an algorithm that can learn deeper thoughts over time and
speak in short sentences like my name is Catie
and I love you! What would you pay to be able to talk to your dog?
Be sure to check out all of these awesome videos over here and subscribe down here.
I love you all and I'll see you next time. Bye!
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Dog Translator of The Future

4319 Folder Collection
ANYI published on October 16, 2014
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