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  • Sorry, just looking for a place to lie down.

  • Anthony Carboni here for DNews. Dogs seemingly need to spin before just about everythinggoing to the bathroom, lying down, when they're excited.

  • Dogs are weird. Why are dogs weird?

  • In terms of spinning, I mean.

  • Circling before going to sleep at night might seem weird on your couch,

  • but in the wild, dogs would spin and trample to push down tall grasses and underbrush, pack down snow, and drive away snakes and insects.

  • It kept them clean, warm, and hidden.

  • Flattening the ground in circles could also have been a sign to other dogs wandering by that the territory had already been claimed.

  • Those hygienic and territorial instincts might factor into why they spin before going to the bathroom, too.

  • Patting down underbrush keeps the dog's waste from sticking to it and then rubbing it on their own fur.

  • Also, patting down the area could allow for the scents in their urine and feces to spread farther, making it clearer what territory they marked.

  • But there's an even newer, weirder theory about why puppy poop spins happen that I am WAY more into.

  • We've talked before about magnetoception, a sense that allows some animals to feel the earth's magnetic field.

  • Birds use it in migration, some studies say cows use it to align themselves in a north-south pattern when they graze,

  • and now it seems like dogs use it to poop in exactly the same direction.

  • In a study published recently in Frontiers in Zoology, researchers watched 70 dogs across 37 different breeds for two years as they pulled off a poop spin combo.

  • And they all preferred to poop aligned north-to-south when the earth's magnetic field is calm.

  • That's about 20 percent of the time during daylight hours.

  • During things like solar flares or geomagnetic storms or other events, they were much less picky about it.

  • The researchers aren't sure why they prefer it, but they did note that not only do dogs want to poop north-south, they actively avoid a straight-up east-west orientation.

  • I wonder if it's some sort of remnant of a past, stronger sense they had.

  • You know, we humans have proteins in our eyes that make researchers think that at some point we could SEE earth's magnetic field.

  • And it seems like a strong magnetic sense would help pack animals move and hunt in some way.

  • But why the pooping, dogs? Why the poop direction?

  • Do you guys have any theories? Spin around about three times and let me know down below.

  • Oh, and if you're into dogs, our friends at Animalist News are going to the Westminster Dog Show in New York City.

  • They'll be there on the 10th and the 11th, so head over and subscribe now so you don't miss it.

Sorry, just looking for a place to lie down.

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