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Good girl Teena. Mummy, there’s a car in the way. [Music plays in background]
Umm… Can we get around the front or the back maybe?
We have to go around the back
Mummy there's a tree
OK. Come on. Umm … can anyone see a way around
Around here
Are we going to have to go on the road are we?
Find the kerb. Ooo … Sorry
Find the kerb
[Music ends dramatically]
It may seem perfectly harmless
But a car, parked across a footpath like this
can really ruin your day if you have a vision impairment
G'day I'm Dunc
And I'm Mark
and this video has a simple message
Think Before You Park
When I lost my sight
I was determined to remain independent
But this usually means encountering obstacles that I normally wouldn't find
Although it's hard enough with the dog and I, on our own
It's even harder with the kids
It creates stress and anxiety
This may seem like such a small issue
But for me and my family
it makes such a difference
when we're able to walk
to our destination, safely along a footpath.
When you've got a job to do, or a delivery to make
and there's just no parking around
what are you going to do?
It's just for a minute...right?
It might not seem like a big deal at the time,
but where you park in a hurry,
could cause a major problem for someone else.
With a vehicle, there's things hanging off the back of it.
And so the cane would hit the car
but the cane would actually miss the object sticking out
which might hit the face which causes... a bit of injury
Basically then what I do
is I find
the gap in between a fence and the car
or a brick wall
and if that doesn't work
I'll need to go towards the kerb
which makes it hard, especially when you're on a highway.
So think about the simple decisions
that you can make everyday
like keeping footpaths and building lines free and unobstructed.
And it's not just people with a vision impairment who are affected
How frustrating is it, for somebody pushing a pram
or perhaps in a wheelchair
who are forced onto the road
by a vehicle
that could have easily, left the pathway clear.
A crossing zone is that path
well the end of the footpath where it
in most cases tapers down to the road
for prams or bikes or whatever
where is the usual place in which to cross the road
When I arrive at the crossing zone
Umm...and there's a car
Umm...well I have Archie, and he'll come to a stop
but he may take me quite close to traffic.
I, may have children with me, or,
or whatever, so
I've got enough to deal with already
but when I have to actually, divert from the footpath
It does make things a lot harder.
So if people can think before they park
it will make my life so much easier.
A car parked over a crossing zone
is a major obstacle for someone with a vision impairment.
And, can put them in danger.
So, Think Before You Park.
Yes, well that's a bit of a shock
when I walk into a car across a footpath
because I'm not expecting to see an obstacle like that
And of course my cane hits it first which is my warning,
from there I work out which way to get around it
whether I can go to the left of the car or the right of the car
and most times I find I've got to work my way to the gutter
As far as my confidence goes
I can lose my confidence a little bit
because it makes me quite nervous
and I wonder why people do that sort of thing
just park a car without thinking
that, that could be an obstacle for a vision impaired person
to get around.
The small decisions you make
can make a big difference in someone elses life
and to their confidence and independence
Pull right into the driveway.
Keep paths and building lines clear.
And never obstruct a crossing zone.
Think Before You Park
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Guide Dogs- Think Before You Park

1112 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on January 20, 2014
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