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  • Do you ever have one of those thoughts that are real and true, but feel weird?

  • Anna, I have a question.

  • Yeah, Mom.

  • - Okay, so when I'm playing the game... - Wow, I came out of there.

  • That's crazy.

  • My mom's like a 3D printer.

  • A friend and I were recently having a conversation about a boy in her life.

  • And, you know, no matter how articulate, poised, and intelligent you are, when you're excited for your friend, we all react the same.

  • But as the conversation got deeper into the potential of a relationship with this guy, we somehow came upon this thought.

  • You know, the best-case scenario is you meet the perfect partner, and then you die, or he dies.

  • Because statistically, women are likely to live longer, and then you're forced to live out the rest of your life is totally alone.

  • Never able to rekindle that romance with anyone else.

  • I mean, sure, maybe you might meet someone else.

  • But how could that possibly live up to the life of friendship, love, and connection with the one that you lost?

  • And you're just dead in the void.

  • - The end. - Yeah, that's the best-case scenario.

  • And I know that seems depressing, but we found it oddly comforting, you know, because it suddenly takes a lot of the pressure off.

  • It's like a free pass to not take everything so seriously, to alleviate yourself from some suffering, and it just gives yourself permission to enjoy the moment.

  • But then again, we're a very unique because our friendship motto is we all die and nothing matters.

  • So if you're like me and have spent the majority of your life placing a priority on love and finding a partner, which I think is like 99% of us, to be fair,

  • just remember, the best-case scenario still ends the same way as the worst-case scenario.

  • You die alone. So, I'm gonna make it more of a priority to just try and connect with people in the moment, to have fun, and to deepen my friendships with the people who inspire me.

  • And then some day, if I'm lucky...

  • I am a 3D printer. I am the god. I am the maker of man and woman who brings life into this world.

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Do you ever have one of those thoughts that are real and true, but feel weird?

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if you never find love it's ok because we all die alone!

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