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- Bring it in.
Wanna do the handshake?
(mellow jazz music)
I'm Antjuan, this is my daughter, Arriell.
She's my little twin.
- It was, Black Parents Try and Explain
How to Deal With the Police.
I'm Arriell Sky Williams,
and I have nothing that'll harm you or hurt you.
- Thank you.
- I think she got taller.
- Oh.
- Makes me feel unfair.
It makes me feel really frustrated,
how white people get more privileges than black people.
- This was after Philando Castile got shot.
My daughter woke up, I was getting ready to leave
and she was like, are the police going to shoot you?
That was a question she actually asked me
and so I was like, you know what, we gotta fix this.
All police aren't bad.
I took the day off work, we wrote down
all these pieces of paper like, you know,
black lives matter, you know, blue lives matter,
jesus is love, we wrote down all these different things,
and I took my daughter and my youngest son
and we went out to protest in front of the police department
but a show of love and that picture made it here
and that's how we got contacted.
That time they tased me, because
they said I wasn't complying.
- [Antjuan] What's wrong baby?
- The reason why I cried was because
I knew that the world was like that
but I didn't know that my dad had to go through it as well.
- Yes, as it was being shared,
we had friends like, oh my god, is this you,
like we were getting text messages,
we were getting all type of things
and it was like, yeah that was us.
I made the mistake and stayed
up one night and read comments.
Worst idea ever.
A lot of people were in the comments
saying, you know, things like, I'm a bad father.
Do you think I'm a good dad?
- Of course.
- There it is guys.
- Yes. - Yes.
- So the spinoff of the Black Parents Explain
How to Deal With the Police was they actually
brought a police officer in and Ariell got to meet him.
- Hi Mr. Peter.
- What's your name?
- Ariell.
- Yes.
- Do you think that police officers
across the nation are treating different races fairly?
- When we got the email saying
hey, we're going to do this Kids Meet a Police Officer video
and Ariell was like, oh I have some of my own questions,
and she literally had a paper where she wrote down
so many questions and she did it all herself.
I didn't help her, Mom didn't help her.
- If you had a family member that was
in danger and that you had to save them
or if there was another person that was in danger,
would you save your family, or that other person?
- That's a really tough question.
- It was the tattoo video.
- I let her draw a tattoo for me.
These are my babies and I approve this tattoo.
I'm doing it.
- Thankfully it wasn't scribble.
- It wasn't scribble, you know, high five on that.
Its a real tattoo guys.
- I drew this.
- It's my favorite tattoo, it's literally my favorite.
She was nervous and she wasn't even getting a tattoo.
- Cause when we first got there,
the Director said that the first mom passed out.
- Yeah.
- Squeeze really hard.
- Why do I need to squeeze your hand?
- I'm scared.
- This is so backwards, she should be
comforting me, and I'm comforting her right now.
- She was like, don't pass out dad,
and I was like, I'm not going to pass out.
- I didn't want you to pass out.
- I wasn't going to pass out.
- What do you think of the tattoo?
- I think it's actually pretty cool.
- It's pretty cool?
Yeah, I think so too.
- Thank you.
- She's me.
- And I'm him.
- She still has some levels to get cool like me.
You're like here, and I'm like still here.
- One, two, three. - Oh, no, you're not there.
No, you got some work .
- Thank you guys so much for watching.
- Thank you.
Be sure to watch more of the throwback Thursday videos
that's coming your way and don't forget subscribe to Cut.
- It's her.
- I thought it was you.
- Seriously, I think it's you.
No one wants to see my ugly mug.
They want to see this cute little face.
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Arriell & Antjuan from Black Parents Explain How to Deal with the Police | #TBT | Cut

11 Folder Collection
Seina published on June 8, 2020
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