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  • Sup playa? This week we in living color with The Giver by Lois Lowry.

  • 11-year old thug Jonas cominup in a trap dat at first seem pretty legit. Unlike

  • the crooked outside world, orelsewhere,” this hood ain’t got no war, disease, hunger,

  • or poverty.

  • Truth is, though, the only reason peeps keepinit so chill is cuz errybody

  • sippin on the philosophy ofsameness,” which basically mean two things: errybody

  • livin like a bunch of lame-ass drones to keep sh** peaceful, and a crew of old geezers callin

  • all the shots: who hooks up with who, how many babies a biddy can pop out. Sh** they

  • even makin you pop pillz dat kill a brutha’s mojo. Ugh. And when you too old to hack it

  • anymo, you getreleased.” Well get to dat later.

  • Now dat Jonas’s finally old enough to count the hairs on his nuts, dem old folk

  • give him the special job ofReceiver of Memories,” cuz unlike errybody else in the

  • streets, Jonas gotThe Capacity to See Beyond.” See back when the hood decided

  • to start preachin datsamenessjive, dem old timers took all the world’s memories

  • and dumped em in the mind of just one G: theReciever.”

  • And now the old reciever gonna get up on his givin grind and pour da memories

  • outta his dome in to Jonas’s.

  • As da Giver packin dem memories in to Jonas’s backside, Jonas be learnin about

  • all sorts of crazy sh*t he ain’t never known about- the sun, snow, love, and even war.

  • By the time that Jonas gets a little taste of what the Giver dealin, J-Dog

  • realize that the memories of the world filled with too much pain, and not even the hardest

  • hustla can handle em solo without ODing. Jonas asks The Giverwhy cant we all share this

  • pain, yo? Lighten the load, naw mean?” If we cut it up and share it with all the hood,

  • we can get this sh*t on lock. But the Giver like ain’t happenin yo. Regular homies don’t

  • want pain. They just wanna keep things as chill as possible. But Jonas ain’t buyin

  • dat mess.

  • Then one day Jonas learn that gettinreleasedis really just gettin

  • wasted by the man, and his little baby-buddy Gabriel is next on the hit list. So he say

  • Man f*** this. I’m out.”

  • Since memories last forever, Jonas gonna get what he really wants: Cuz once he peaces outta

  • town, erryone’s gonna have to take a hit of dem painful memories. Even though he want

  • The Giver to come, the G-man likeNah burh. I gotta hold it down and make sure nobody

  • loses their sh*t when they experience pain and loneliness for the first time.”

  • So Jonas grabs baby Gabe and rolls out to the outside world where things be all

  • sorts of nasty! But he gotta nut up and beast through it all to keep him and Gabe alive.

  • When the book ends, Jonas and Gabe cruisin on a sled towards some bright lights

  • in a window. And that’s it. Da hell?

  • First thing you gotz to know is that when the author was a lilthug-ette she was

  • kickin it w peeps crazy bout keepin errybody in line. A lotta scholars think it made old

  • Lo-Lo wanna spit some raw truth bout what it’s like livin in a spot where somebody

  • ridin yo nuts 24/7.

  • Having somebody bust yo ass til its raw is gonna do you just like Jonas’s boy

  • Asher got did when he wasn’t talkin right-

  • In a world where the law gets all up in your shit erry time you bone- up,

  • sometimes better to just throw up the deuce to all dem haters.

  • But at the beginning of the book Lowry makin it seem like Jonas’s hood is the place to be.

  • Fo example, it seem like Jonas’s daddy is a super righteous dude since he got

  • an ideal family and all he do is take care babies all day. Fool’s job title is even


  • But on the real, there be some shady sh** goin down under the

  • surface. When the Giver show Jonas a video of his daddy on the grind, he realize that

  • pops ain’t just about nursinbabies, he also kill the ones that ain’t up to snuff.

  • Uh- uhh!

  • When Jonas realize how backwards things in his hood be, he try to

  • use dem memories to open up erryone else’s eyes, but ain’t none of his homies can feel

  • him on dat. Like my boy Ivan said in Solzhenitsyn’s “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”-

  • How can you expect a man who’s warm to understand a man who’s cold?”

  • So in a way, Jonas just like dat biblical gangsta Jonah, who was sent by the

  • big G-man to tell the crooked cats of Nineveh that they best change their ways. And likewise,

  • Jonas gotta spread dat pain and feeling even though them duds in the hood don’t want

  • him to.

  • Homies always sayin ignorance is bliss, but is it? Well the truth hurts dats fodamn

  • sure. But on the real, a playa can’t experience life

  • without experiencin pain. Naw mean?

  • And on the same note, how you gonna know life without subscribing, man?

  • Catch me next time. Peace.

Sup playa? This week we in living color with The Giver by Lois Lowry.

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