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First of all guys, as a kid that loves movies, this is kind of a pinnacle for me, so thanks
for being involved. 'We did it for you, we were literally thinking-
what's your name again?' My name is Johnny.
'We were like "Let's do it for Johnny.' Let's do it for Johnny, okay guys let's do
it for me. Um, so Academy Award winner, Anne Hathaway,
two time Academy Award winner- Robert De Niro. Have you guys thought, if your were British,
you'd have peerages by now. Sir Robert De Niro, Dame Anne Hathaway, does that sound
all right to you? 'Yeah it sounds good.'
'He would- I wouldn't.' You'd have to live here of course, get a citizenship
but buy an umbrella you'll fit right in. The Intern, I love the film, first and foremost,
it's a sort of warm hug of a movie and it looked like you guys had a lot fun making
it- that wasn't just acting right? 'Oh no we hate each other, he's the worst.'
'It was annoying.' 'Oh no I've got to go in and do this stuff
with her, Jesus!' 'Bob, Hi!'
Yeah you nailed you, that is exactly how you sound.
'We didn't- I feel really lucky, everybody wants to hear the back story of how we found
our chemistry. It was kind of just there in the writing and we found it together. And
I had a lovely time working with you, you're just wonderful.'
'Yeah, really nice time. Great.' Your characters kind of fit in each end of
the spectrum, one of them is a young entrepreneur. Um- text savvy, perhaps a little neurotic
and naive in the pressures of life. You are the older, wiser head, lived a very different
life. But perhaps a technophobe, in some respects. So I wondered, how much of you guys were in
those characters and to try and give myself a very quick idea I've written out some social
media sites, and you can give me a quick yes or no answer of what you're involved in. So
er- Facebook? 'Yes.'
Twitter? 'No.'
Instagram? 'Yes.'
Tumblr? 'No.'
Flickr? 'No.'
Buzznet? 'No.'
Google Plus? 'No.'
Pinterest? 'Yes, privately.'
'Maybe a little, someone sent me something through pinterest. Nancy, not Nancy but someone
who worked with her.' I didn't expect that one. What about Reddit?
'No.' MySpace?
'No.' Bebo?
'What year is it?' Okay, these are kind of spread over the last
sort of five years. Er- Habbo Hotel? 'No.'
I think that was a chat room about a decade ago I don't know if it exists any more but
I wanted to bring it up. 'Does Airbnb count?'
No that's just going to places. 'Oh fine.'
Well it's social thing, I guess. It's kind of like booking a hotel.
'Experience?' Airbnb? No nothing. You prefer just to talk
to people in person, I imagine. 'That helps.'
'I don't mind it, no.' A point is made in the movie about how the
modern man has lost something, somewhat, from the generation of your Jack Nicholson's, your
Robert Redford's, your Robert De Niro's, of course. We're all sort of hipsters, beards
and cardigans these days. Do you guys lament, particularly Robert, do you lament at our
generation, have we lost the chivalry? 'I don't know whether you've lost the chivalry
or not, I think just being decent to people and nice is always there, you know, so be
polite, in your own way. So I don't have the answer for your generations, you do.'
I don't know if I've got the answers to the generation to be honest that's a lot of pressure
for me right now. 'But I think you just said it, I think just
being polite and thoughtful and decent. Um- you know, don't get me wrong it's nice if
you have all those things and you have manners as well and you have a handkerchief and all
that stuff but honestly sometimes the manners thing can feel a little bit more about the
guy than the person that they're showing the manners to. Like, "look at me, I've got such
good manners", it can be a little annoying. I prefer just genuine decency'.
I think I've got time for one more question and it was something that I wasn't sure I
was going to bring up but I'm going to bring it up anyway. How do you ask two Academy Award
winning actors for a blink off? Are you up for that?
'Er- how do you do it?' I'll give you a countdown, let's see how we
do, okay. 3,2,1, go! 'Blink as much as we can?'
No- I think you've got to blink as little as you can.
'Okay okay' 'Oh!'
Prepare yourself, and go. I recently got glasses and this is really
difficult for me. 'I recently got glasses too, oh no I'm not
say-' 'I forgot! I forgot to not blink. No I meant
I have contacts and I don't know what I'm saying any more, excuse me!'
Well I won something over two academy award winners and I'm going to take that home to
the North of England, 'Yes!' My little town and go "Guys! Guess what I
did!" 'Guess what I did!'
It's been an absolute pleasure to meet you both.
'Thank you very much Johnny, you too.'
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Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway talk The Intern, social media and blink-offs

2082 Folder Collection
Jake Lee published on November 3, 2015
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