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You know, I don't get it sitting.
So it's tonight we'll stake Watched video.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How did that go?
Uh, we had a life, don't you?
Oh, a bunch of naked.
I was like, No, the usual.
Okay, so look, you also you met your husband, Uh, you took with you.
You called out.
Begins the day that we'll see Come into the light.
No, you're gonna tickle you.
Oh, it is so you know, just just cause it's all right, Miss Kind, really, You know, that's a game.
This guy for you, just She looks you up.
So he's always the door.
Two car equal.
She's a little She's only there's Toto who was ever Oh, Cory Green jackets that are you.
Oh, my God.
I know Thio money minded.
My name on the door Shut that Scotland is kind of this kind.
It's you.
Don't go.
I told you he was here.
Well, not like Oh, so sweet.
No, if that's what they were so funny Sozin already That all right?
You are not his style.
Scott, wait.
I didn't You've been under article.
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Anime vs Reality [pt 2]: School アニメ vs リアル

223 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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