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Previously, on VGHS
Jenny, make Varsity?
Not on my watch
You signed me up for drift racing
Ted, I'm sorry
I'm splitz-fied baby
we're through
you're expelled
pack up your dreams and go
Sorry, ki
Ted stays where he belongs
in my shadow!
What're you doing Brian
Why did you throw it on the way
Because you're too good for him Jenny
and because I'm in love with you
Thanks Mr. D
Another busy night Mr. D
It's always a busy night
knock yourself up
Is... Is that Brian D?
See if he will play a game with us
I'm sorry, Brian never games with the customers
Come on, scram scrow
Go back to VGHS, Jumper Jax
Whatever, quitter
yeah, i'll go
Always looking out for a little guy
How long has it been?
Twentyfour hours?
You have it D., it's a day!
Come on let's go get a slice
And then Calhoun told me i can't switch to rythm gaming
cause once you've signed up you're locked in the system
It goes a butt
Same old story
calhoun always wins
but it's a story with a twist ending
you signed up, you're still in the system, you can totally try out tomorrow
It's taking worse when you're expelled
And even if i did, tomorrow is not good for me
We've got this huge birthday party coming
dude, come on
As much as i love what you've done to the place
it ain't VGHS
Uhm.. That's kind of the idea
You actually play games for fun here
Tell me we didn't have fun together?
We had some swell times
to better days
How are you Ted
i was really sad to hear about you and ki
never say to me that name again
what name?
my name?
What a surprise!
Oh yes, hello
Will you stop being mad at me now?
Brian tell Ki that fixing my guitar doesn't make up for breaking my hopes and dreams
Ted, tell Brian that you were being a big stupid dumb jerk
Brian, Ki says i'm a big stupid
So, ki
it's been a while
it's been one day Brian
Ah ok
Hey you
can't hail the rock?
than you'd better whack
Remember, while you still do drugs
you're a loser, so why you don't stop playing and go taking some drugs, loser?
Whoa, you suck
why is Ted so stupid
Ted isn't...
ergh.. Ted is different
I apologised to him and he's so mad at me
i should be mad at him
I am mad at him
I'm sucking at rythm gaming just because i tried to fix his problems
Woah, Ki you can't always fix other people's problems for them
I mean sometimes
problems are just unsolvable
like the Hars conjuncture?
Think it like this
Ted is.. like you Gumbac
That you've been looking on
I mean sure, sometimes he get knocked around but
you gotta trust himself to pick him back up
even though he doesn't know you have to see
thank you
So you're running an arcade now?
Hey Jenny
It's pretty rad
Best thing ever right?
I know, but
i'm kinda busy at the momento so...
Look Brian, i'm not really the best at apologises
but i just wanted
Jenny we're cool, i mean
i was being a jerk too
Now why don't you go play some games, like
over there?
on the house
Okay still you're getting kicked out and
school sucks without you Brian so... i'm sorry
Don't be
really i mean
it worked out for the better
look at this place
Ted was actually in here, like telling me i can actually try out and stuff
You can still try out tomorrow?
Yeah but it's not like it did let me get back in
So what??
People are saying that i can't make Varsity just because i broke up with the law
but you know what if i kick enough ass out there there's nothing he can do to stop it
I'm sorry i tought that playing at VGHS was like your dream or whatever
you're telling me you have one last shot at your dream and you're just gonna walk away?
seriously what the hell is wrong with you, really?
Broke up with the Law?
oh my god
that's what you've got out of this
No, i mean, i was just saying
You really think i've got a shot?
At the tryouts
it think you have a shot at the tryouts
That's what i meant
so will you be there tomorrow?
no, jenny
i mean even if they let me back on it's not like VGHS is going to change
good luck out there
you know
we've never played DxM
I tought it was a baby game
i think you're just saying that because you know you're going to lose
oh really?
what do you say a hundred pipe so that we dance?
this isn't fields of fire i mean skeeball
you should be embarassed
i'll never love you
you're right
i'm being a big dumb stupid jerk
i know you're just trying to protect me and i'm sorry that you're stuck to rythm gaming with my dad
i deserved that
please forgive me
i really miss you Ki
can we please be friends again?
oh gosh
you know one last shot of my dream
i can go for that
this is brian D with nothing to lose and he's one of my team
alright, captain
almost nothing
hey Brian
Ki and i made up
and by made up, i mean made out
if you know what i mean
our lips touched
I'm super happy for you
so what were you guys up to?
Uh Uh! Four way high five!
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【Web Series】Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 8

2445 Folder Collection
Bryan Pai published on July 4, 2014
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