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Back in 2010 I came Porsche's factory in Leipzig to review the Cayenne testing it on road,
off road and on track. Well four years later I'm back to do the same thing with its smaller
brother the Macan.
Porsche's baby SUV is built on the same platform as the Audi Q5. However, its lower, wider,
and sportier though that sloping tailgate means the boot is slightly smaller. Still,
the back seats are sufficiently roomy even for adults.
Wow wow wow. Sorry let's stop all this boring practicality nonsense. This is a Porsche after
all. Let's talk about engines. There's a 400hp 3.6-litre V6 twin turbo which you get in the
Macan turbo, a 360hp 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo in the Macan S and a 3.0-litre diesel with
257hp in the
The Macan S Diesel starts from £43,300 which may sound a lot. But then inside it feels
no less posh than the bigger Cayenne. The button heavy design of the centre console
is similar too, while the steering wheel mimics that of the 918 Spyder supercar. But what
does it feel like to drive....
So here we are cruising the mean streets of Leipzig, and this feels like properly special
car to be driving in. This one has the adaptive dampers which will be an option on all but
the Turbo and with them in comfort mode, yep it rides well. It's pretty quiet too and this
diesel has plenty of oomph.
The Macan S Diesel can do 0-62mph takes just 6.3 seconds and hit 143mph. Yet Porsche says
is can return 46mpg.
Hey I like this car -- but do I like it more than an Evoque?
As luck would have it, there was one left at the left at the side of the road.....
I wondered if anyone would mind if I borrowed it ...
Okay so Evoque. Well for starters I think despite being older it stands out more than
the Macan. The interior design, it's got more flare than the Porsche's, and it's minimalistic
design is less cluttered. But then it doesn't feel as well made or easy to use.
Also while the Evoque may be more of a fashion icon and its nine-speed automatic is a close
match for Macan's 7-speed PDK, the Range Rovers grumbly 4-cylinder 2.2-litre diesel is way
off the pace of the Macan's smooth V6. So too is it ride, handling and steering. And
while the Evoque may have a bigger boot it feels snugger in the back seats even with
the five-door model.
Now I hear you all saying. But the Evoque is not only cheaper being based on the Freelander
means it's better off road too. But does that really matter?
I'm going to find out with this Macan S.....
Apparently less than 7 per cent of Porsche SUV owners actually go-off road. But for those
who do the Macan is available with air suspension. This can increase the car's ride height to
for improved ground clearance and approach angles.
Even then it's probably not as capable as a Range Rover. But do you really plan on doing
this in your £40 grand SUV. You don't do you? You're just going to need to traverse
speed humps and the odd kerb...
Tin case you are wondering Macan S can hit 62mph in little over 5.2 seconds and tops
out at 157mph. But if that's not quite quick enough for you, then there's always the Turbo.
So this has a 3.6-litre twin turbo with 400hp -- which is only 60 more than the S. But out
here on the track you really do notice that difference
The Turbo can do 166mph and will sprint from 0-62 in 4.8 seconds -- or 4.6 seconds with
sport chrono package. And as with all macans it can send 100 per cent of its power to the
rear wheels and even shuffle it across the rear axle if you have the optional torque
With the suspension in it sportiest setting the Macan's the agility is quite remarkable
for a tall vehicle which weighs 1900KG. In fact you begin to forget it's an SUV and start
to think of it more of a Cayman on stilts.
Despite all the track shenanigans though, it's the diesel model which is the most impressive
blending economy performance and agility. And so while it might not be the most fashionable
small SUV you can buy. To drive on the road -- yup it's definitely the best.
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Porsche Macan: the ultimate review

2091 Folder Collection
kiwi published on March 4, 2014
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