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I recall being a naive car enthusiast at the AutoRAI Auto Show 2003.
There it was, the Porsche Cayenne. I didn't like it at all.
How could a Porsche SUV be a success? Well, we found out.
Now, thanks to this Macan, Porsche plans to mostly sell SUV's.
They admit: it's basically an Audi Q5. How much of a Porsche is it?
Get used to it: Porsche doesn't build just sports cars.
Porsche builds what the customer wants: diesel SUV's, even small ones.
Look at the Q5, the X3 and the Range Rover Evoque.
Porsche noticed that and made the Macan.
Something typically Porsche about this: the interior is wonderful.
Great materials on this high-end trim, as well as the console buttons.
Ergonomically, Audi and BMW beat this, though it's similar to the 911.
Underneath, Porsche admits, it's an Audi Q5. The platform is shared.
50 to 75 percent of the parts are new, the base and chassis are Audi's.
What does differ then? The drivetrain for one.
The Audi has permanent Quattro 4WD, the Macan doesn't.
This has the Carrera 4S's system, which sends the power to the rear.
Upon losing grip, up to 50 percent goes to the front axle, mostly.
It drives differently. It's more of a RWD car which frees up the steering.
The steering isn't the Q5's strong point, while the Macan steers great.
Electronically powered and light, though direct, and great feeling. Perfect!
To emphasize the sportiness, Porsche offers some powerful engines.
The starter Macan S has 350 PS, this is the Turbo with 400 PS.
A 3.6 with two turbo's. 0-100 kph takes 4,6 seconds, top speed past 260 kph!
And you reach the top quite quickly.
It's all fine. Question though: which engine does the non-S Macan get?
Porsche won't say. A four-cylinder? No idea, but expect another entry model.
Driving this is amazing. It's more like a crossover, looking at the low stance.
The wheels and tyres are enormous, 295 at the rear!
Though it has a low centre of gravity and corners at amazing speeds.
Porsche even invited us to drive it on the test track. An SUV!
Let's look at the space in the back.
There. Well, it's not bad. The headroom is fine, although it's close for me.
My knees and feet are alright, too. A lot better than I expected.
So? The interior is great, the driving too, both on true Porsche level.
The drivetrain is way better than the Audi's, including the PDK.
That's all fine, it feels and drives like a true Porsche.
Just one thing: the image. Even the Cayenne is big and impressive.
The Macan is smaller and less imposing, yet it lacks sporty lines.
As a Porsche, it's less impressive. Is that a bad thing?
We'll find out in 5 to 10 years.
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Porsche Macan road test (English subtitled)

2509 Folder Collection
kiwi published on March 4, 2014
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