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  • I recall being a naive car enthusiast at the AutoRAI Auto Show 2003.

  • There it was, the Porsche Cayenne. I didn't like it at all.

  • How could a Porsche SUV be a success? Well, we found out.

  • Now, thanks to this Macan, Porsche plans to mostly sell SUV's.

  • They admit: it's basically an Audi Q5. How much of a Porsche is it?

  • Get used to it: Porsche doesn't build just sports cars.

  • Porsche builds what the customer wants: diesel SUV's, even small ones.

  • Look at the Q5, the X3 and the Range Rover Evoque.

  • Porsche noticed that and made the Macan.

  • Something typically Porsche about this: the interior is wonderful.

  • Great materials on this high-end trim, as well as the console buttons.

  • Ergonomically, Audi and BMW beat this, though it's similar to the 911.

  • Underneath, Porsche admits, it's an Audi Q5. The platform is shared.

  • 50 to 75 percent of the parts are new, the base and chassis are Audi's.

  • What does differ then? The drivetrain for one.

  • The Audi has permanent Quattro 4WD, the Macan doesn't.

  • This has the Carrera 4S's system, which sends the power to the rear.

  • Upon losing grip, up to 50 percent goes to the front axle, mostly.

  • It drives differently. It's more of a RWD car which frees up the steering.

  • The steering isn't the Q5's strong point, while the Macan steers great.

  • Electronically powered and light, though direct, and great feeling. Perfect!

  • To emphasize the sportiness, Porsche offers some powerful engines.

  • The starter Macan S has 350 PS, this is the Turbo with 400 PS.

  • A 3.6 with two turbo's. 0-100 kph takes 4,6 seconds, top speed past 260 kph!

  • And you reach the top quite quickly.

  • It's all fine. Question though: which engine does the non-S Macan get?

  • Porsche won't say. A four-cylinder? No idea, but expect another entry model.

  • Driving this is amazing. It's more like a crossover, looking at the low stance.

  • The wheels and tyres are enormous, 295 at the rear!

  • Though it has a low centre of gravity and corners at amazing speeds.

  • Porsche even invited us to drive it on the test track. An SUV!

  • Let's look at the space in the back.

  • There. Well, it's not bad. The headroom is fine, although it's close for me.

  • My knees and feet are alright, too. A lot better than I expected.

  • So? The interior is great, the driving too, both on true Porsche level.

  • The drivetrain is way better than the Audi's, including the PDK.

  • That's all fine, it feels and drives like a true Porsche.

  • Just one thing: the image. Even the Cayenne is big and impressive.

  • The Macan is smaller and less imposing, yet it lacks sporty lines.

  • As a Porsche, it's less impressive. Is that a bad thing?

  • We'll find out in 5 to 10 years.

I recall being a naive car enthusiast at the AutoRAI Auto Show 2003.

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