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Now Mr. Farage for (Europe of Freedom and) Democracy group
Prime Minister, six months ago you came here, you impressed everybody with your reform
agenda: even me!
I said: if you achieved your goals, I would support it.
Economic reform was the drive:
but within a couple of weeks, the commissioner propose to scrap
sixty-eight new laws. I don't [not understood]: Perhaps Blair's going to do it
Perhaps he really is going to reform and change,
but no:
under your presidency there have been three thousand three hundred and fifty
new legislative acts,
total failure on economic reform. On the C.A.P. [Common Agricultural Policy]
You said you'd work to achieve a consensus for reform
but with the way you have, I suppose because you've got twenty four countries against you,
No C.A.P. reform until 2014. On the budget, you said that there won't be
no surrender of the U.K. rebate
well it seems to me that you've given away seven billion pounds of British
taxpayers money
for nothing in return.
Your only achievement
is to open talks with Turkey
which is opposed by the vast majority of people in Europe
and will lead to a even higher bill!
Why should British taxpayers pay for new services in Budapest,
for a new underground system in Warsaw,
when our own public services are crumbling in London!
Why should we pay?
Why should we pay a penny piece into an organisation whose accounts are not
being signed off by the auditors for the last eleven years in a row!
This budget deal is game-set and match to the president Chirac,
no "Cheese-eating surrender monkeys" [an English way to define French people]. He,
unlike you, he stands up for the French national interests!
Not some bizarre notion of Europe
and he is outclassed and outpledged at every turn.
Your only real achievement
is that Britain is now isolated,
we are completely alone within the European Union,
which is why,
which is why,
"You are alone!"
It has been said before
Hang on a second!
Everybody else gets an extra minute
Mr. President! I'm asking for ten seconds, thank you.
Which is why, prime minister, I urge you, it's often being said that you wanted
to be the permanent president of Europe,
please stay on for a further six months,
six more months of the British President seat, and they'll kick us out.
Thank you very much
There are,
in my experience in politics,
there are three groups of people:
first of all,
the reactionaries.
Let me just tell you sir, and your colleagues
you sit without a country flag,
you do not represent our country's interest.
This is the year
two thousand and five
This is the year two thousand and five not nineteen forty-five. We're not
fighting each other anymore, these are our partners, there are colleagues in our
future lives in Europe.
When you're in Europe, when you and your colleagues say: "What do we get
in return for what we contribute to enlargement?", I'll tell you what we get: we
get a Europe that is unified after years of dictatorship in the East, we get
economic development in countries who we have championed, we get a future reform
that allows us, once and for all,
to put an end to discussion about rebates, common agricultural policy,
and get a proper reform budget for Europe. That's what we get if we end divisions:
this is that opportunity!
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Nigel Farage vs Tony Blair (Dec 20th, 2005)

1040 Folder Collection
Louis Chen published on August 14, 2013
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